The Ultimate Guide to Going Plant-Based

Going Plant-Based

The aim of a plant-based diet is to eat healthy, whole, plant-based foods that nourish and support your body. In a happy act of serendipity, it also helps look after the environment and the welfare of animals.

If you’re thinking of joining the plant-based revolution, you’ll no doubt have plenty of questions. How will I get enough of all the right nutrients? What staples should I have in my fridge and store cupboards? Can I go plant-based if the rest of my household are omnivores?

Make the transition to a plant-based diet less confusing with our downloadable guide. From putting together a balanced meal, to tips on eating out, we’ve got all (plant) bases covered.

Whether you’re planning to go plant-based for a month or forever, download your copy now and start discovering a whole new world of delicious food. Enjoy!


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