Create the Plastic Free Pantry of Your Dreams

Discover how to create a pantry free from plastic that others will envy. And most importantly, learn how to keep it plastic free!

If you’re fed up of seeing so much plastic in your cupboards, this is your chance to make a positive change.

Master the simple habits that will keep your food cupboards free from single-use plastic and help save the planet.

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Fed Up With All the Plastic?

Are you tired of seeing piles of plastic in your cupboards?  Are you frustrated that almost EVERYTHING in the supermarket comes packaged in plastic? 

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can change the way you shop and rid your cupboards of plastic.

It’s not easy, and it does take some work, but it is possible. It can feel like you’re fighting an uphill (plastic) battle, and sometimes it’s frustrating as hell.

I get it, I’ve been there (for a very long time). I hated opening my cupboards, and felt guilty every time I did my weekly shop. So I made a commitment to doing something about it.   

And you can too. Join me and I’ll show you exactly what to do – step by step. There is no magic bullet to remove plastic from your life. It does take hard work. But it’s through making small changes at home, one at a time, that you’ll make a difference. 

If you’re not committed, then this isn’t for you. But if you care about our planet, and are brave enough to make changes in your life, then now’s your chance to take action.

Create Your Plastic Free Pantry Step by Step

With a little planning you could have the pantry of your dreams in as little as a weekend.

Removing all plastic from your food cupboards (and your home) can seem like a daunting task, but the result is definitely worth the effort!

  • Discover how to audit your pantry so you can free your cupboards from plastic
  • Learn to identify habits that might be holding you back on your plastic free journey
  • Source the perfect containers for all your pantry staples
  • Organise your cupboards so you can find everything quickly
  • Master the simple steps to plastic free and zero waste shopping so you can keep your food cupboards free of plastic
  • Live more sustainably and become a role model for your family and friends

If you’re short on time or overwhelmed and frustrated by all the plastic in your life, then this is the project for you.

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Transform Your Pantry

BEFORE - lots of plastic




The Plastic Free Pantry Project

Remove the plastic from your pantry and maintain it with ease

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This project contains step by step instructions, resources, guides and everything you need to create a plastic free pantry. You’ll receive:

Step-by-Step Online Course
7 core modules walk you through everything you need to remove single use plastic from your kitchen cupboards so you can live a more eco-friendly life.

The Plastic Audit System
Find and remove all the plastic lurking in your cupboards. Replace everything with the right sized contains made from reusable plastic or glass.

A Simple Pantry Inventory System
No more rushing to the shops! Keep your pantry organised and well stocked so you never run out of store cupboard essentials.

A Guide to Plastic Free Shopping
Maintain your pantry once it’s plastic free.

Kit List and Other Resources
From storage containers to labels and eco-friendly pens, we’ve created kit lists to suit all budgets

Create the Plastic Free Pantry of Your Dreams Today

Downloadable workbooks and resources
Pantry close-up
Tips and recommendations to help you find the best labels and containers
pile of plastic bags as rubbish bags
** Ref: Plastic waste, House of Commons briefing paper, 17 June 2019

The Planet Can’t Afford for Us to Keep Consuming PLASTIC!

Single-use plastic is destroying our planet and we all need to take action to prevent further destruction.

Reducing plastic in your kitchen and your home is the best way to play your part in saving the planet. 

It’s estimated that the UK alone produces 5 million TONNES of plastic EVERY year, and over nearly half of that is plastic packaging. More critically demand for plastic is rising. **

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Take action today!

Create the Plastic Free Pantry of Your Dreams Today for Just £25

Step-by-step online course (with pictures) for everything you need to create your own plastic free pantry


  • Pantry Audit system with downloadable workbook
  • Pantry Inventory system with downloadable workbook
  • Guide to plastic free shopping and pantry maintenance
  • Storage sizing guide – find the right containers for all your food items
  • Kit list and other resources for a range of budgets
  • Lifetime access to all materials and any future updates
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