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Whether you’re starting a homestead or looking for ways to make your urban life a bit more eco-friendly the Eco & Beyond community is here to inspire you along the way.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food, raise chickens or try your hand at natural building, these are all things our members are up to.

Kylie loves anything practical but building with natural, traditional and sustainable materials is definitely towards the top of her list
Guy loves everything to do with food – from growing veg in the garden to cooking up a storm in the kitchen (shed) and making wine with all sorts of fruit from around the farm.

Add a Little More ‘Eco’ to Your Life

We take an experimental approach to our eco projects – we make mistakes, we learn and we try again. We’re not experts, but we do have fun and hope that each little action makes the planet a better place.

If you take a balanced approach to all things eco you’ll fit right in.

ECO LIVING IS A journey, not a destination

just like our projects, it’s never 100% perfect or finished

Let’s Get Practical

This is what you get when you become a member:

  • An active community where we can all hang out, chat, share and get to know each other
  • A safe and positive space to ask questions
  • A place to share what you’re working on – and get help or feedback
  • Vaults of practical projects and recipes to give you ideas of things to make or do in your home, kitchen or garden
  • Monthly group Zoom calls and livestreams
  • Private conversations with direct messaging between members or hosts
  • Keep the conversation going wherever you are via the web, iOS or Android app

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