Alien-Like Celeriac


Celeriac is often disregarded, most likely due to its rather unappetising, alien-like look. A misshapen off-white blob covered in roots is not exactly what we dream of when thinking of delicious winter produce.

However, if you have never had celeriac before you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised. Beyond the rough exterior, this root vegetable has a subtle taste with tones of celery, parsley and nuts that adds a special something to any meal. Even the fresh aroma of the vegetable when you’re chopping is divine.

As well as the delectable taste, celeriac is low in calories, rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, and high in fibre. It is also an excellent source of minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper and manganese. The root vegetable has many health benefits from improving metabolism and regulating bowels to curing kidney diseases.


Cooking with Celeriac

Both raw and cooked, celeriac is versatile and has so much to offer. Uncooked it is refreshing and when cooked it provides a hearty texture with a unique taste. The vegetable is perfect in rich soups, silky purees, slow cooked dishes or sliced in salads. It is also delicious as a side in a mash or roasted in chunks.

Almost any root vegetable can be replaced by celeriac, which makes a great nutritious substitute. You can even make celeriac chips! Other unique ways to use celeriac include sautéing it as a healthier alternative to hash browns. Celeriac remoulade is also a tasty condiment.

Preparing celeriac is not as complicated as you may think, and it is easy to cook. You might think it can be difficult to clean and peel due to its rooty, uneven surface, but it is simple. Start by scrubbing any dirt off the exterior with a soft vegetable brush.

Then chop off the top and base of the vegetable and begin to peel. A knife will work better than a peeler, so just cut down the sides trying to stay as close to the edge as possible to not waste any valuable flesh. Then simply chop, slice or grate the flesh depending on how you will cook or use it.

Just like other root vegetables, celeriac can be stored and kept fresh in the fridge for up to a month.