Is This the Future of Wine? The Uncommon Wine of England

future of wine

We Brits are taking the alcohol market by storm. Our craft beer scene is booming and there’s a growing popularity and appreciation for English wine. If you haven’t tried it yet, one drink worth getting your hands on is a can of English sparkling wine from The Uncommon.

The Uncommon are the first wine producers in the UK to put wine in a can, and we have to ask: why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?

The Uncommon English sparkling wine is made entirely from the Bacchus grape. Expect a white wine with notes of elderflower and pear – the perfect tipple!

Endlessly Recyclable

Whilst recyclable, glass wine bottles can be difficult to carry around to picnics and other outdoor events. Some festivals even ban all glass containers.

There’s no such issue with The Uncommon’s aluminium cans, as they’re easily transported. Recycling isn’t a problem either, as they’re widely recycled. That’s a huge win for the planet.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the minds of The Uncommon’s founders, Henry Connell and Alex Thraves. Even the packaging used to transport the wine is environmentally friendly. It’s made in part from old wine bottle corks.

There’s also a focus on championing home-grown produce. The wine is made in Surrey using 100% English grapes.

What’s more, wine in a can also helps with portion control and avoids excessive waste. Both of which can go unchecked with a standard bottle of wine. You can end up drinking more than you want to, or wasting half a bottle.

wine in an aluminum can

Let’s Hear it for English Wine

When it comes to taste, English sparkling wine has been on the lips of many in the wine industry over the past few years. Some claim it can even compete with the likes of its firmly established cousins, champagne and prosecco.

The Uncommon is fairly new to the wine scene – having started up around 18 months ago. This doesn’t mean they’re not making waves with their product and its innovative packaging though. As its popularity continues to grow, we’re likely to see English sparkling wine making it to the mass market.

Move aside glass bottles, wine in an aluminium can is about to take your crown. To find out for yourself how good it is, pick up a can of The Uncommon at Selfridges or order online.