Tackling Bakery Leftovers With DayOld

DayOld surplus treats

Given how much we all love bread and cake, it’s surprising that they’re among the most wasted foods in the UK. According to The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), 680,000 tonnes of avoidable bakery waste end up in the bin each year. 80% of this is from packets of bread that have been opened, but not finished.

It seems we don’t have enough time to eat all these freshly baked goodies. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to save bread from the bin at home. Grandma was definitely right with her bread pudding!

But what about the poor loaves, cakes and pastries that are still edible but don’t even get to leave the shop?

You could turn them into beer. Toast are a perfect example of turning leftover bread into something tasty and alcoholic! Or, you could order a box of cakes and pastries for your home, office or an event.

DayOld surplus bread

Redistributing This Shocking Surplus

It’s now possible for us to satisfy our food cravings and make good choices at the same time with DayOld. They are London’s first surplus bakery subscription box scheme.

DayOld tackles food waste and food poverty with rescued bakery treats. They collect excess food from artisan bakeries and then sell them on the next day to prevent them going to waste. DayOld deliver mouthwatering treat boxes to office parties, pop-ups, and events. Who doesn’t want to give perfectly edible cake a second chance?

Much better than a box of Krispy Kremes, these treats are a great way to indulge at work on a Friday, or at a special event. As well as giving treats a good home, DayOld donate their profits to child hunger charities to help fight food poverty.

DayOld treat boxes start at £35 for 15-20 people. Simply sign up on their website and they’ll be in touch. You can also sign up to become a bakery partner or a volunteer. So order up, tuck in and make a difference!