Support Bees and UK Honey Production with Hive & Keeper

UK honey

Winnie-the-Pooh, a great British treasure, is known for his love of honey. It’s surprising then, that according to Hive & Keeper, only 7% of the honey eaten in the UK comes from British bees. Over 40% of our honey comes all the way from China.

Honey stockists and bee enthusiasts Hive & Keeper aim to change all that. They’re dedicated to supporting British beekeepers and only stock honey produced by British bees.

Buying Hive & Keeper honey means that you’re supporting small scale UK beekeepers. These amazing guys – the beekeepers, and the bees – have amazing personal stories. And they all have a real passion for their craft, putting bee welfare ahead of profit. This is vital, as 45% of our UK bees have been lost since 2010.

Sticky, Sweet and Special UK Honey

Hive & Keeper honey beats its bland tasting peers from mainstream supermarkets hands down. Mass produced honey has to be made from a variety of imported honeys to try and keep each jar tasting the same. Same old, same old. With small-batch, artisan honey you get a uniqueness with each jar.

Each jar of their UK honey is different, with a variety of tastes, colours and textures. This is because they use bees from around the country, kept in diverse habitats. Their honey comes straight from the hive with nothing added or taken away. Each jar also features a unique and delightful detail. The labels are handwritten and clearly mark the flavour profile of the honey, the hive where it originated and the beekeeper’s name.

Sign up to their Honey Club subscription and you’ll receive two jars of honey every two months. You’ll also get plenty of honey education. Their fun facts about how the weather and local flora influence each jar make great honey-on-toast-for-breakfast reading.

If you’re looking for a particular type of honey to finish off your favourite recipe, Hive & Keeper can help. Be it floral or spicy, their online shop is sure to have your ideal sticky treat.