Step Aside Gin, Salmon Is Also Getting Botanical!

Salmon Is Also Getting Botanical

What does the perfect Sunday brunch look like to you? There’s a fair chance it’ll include smoked salmon and quite possibly something alcoholic. So how about combining the two and making an indulgent treat even more decadent?

The Pished Fish are purveyors of booze and botanical infused, RSPCA assured, sushi grade Scottish salmon. Only high quality ingredients are invited to this party. Each piece is smoked over wood in small batches, cured, filleted and sliced by hand.

The fish itself comes from the ‘clean, remote tidal waters around Scotland’. The fruits, berries and spices that make up the unique curing tinctures are all chosen for their quality. Even the smoking process is refined for each fish and uses wood chips of the highest calibre.


There’s Still Room for a G&T

As well as being expert fish smokers, the Pished Fish are masters of flavour. Let’s take their Margarita salmon as an example. Cured in tequila, the botanical elements come courtesy of coriander, lime and chilli. (This, incidentally, is the perfect avo-on-toast pairing, according to the Pished Fish.) Once cured, it’s smoked over apple, alder and beech wood chips.

As promised, there’s a smoked salmon for us gin lovers. The Gin and Tonic salmon is cured in premium gin. Juniper berries and grapefruit and lime zests add the botanical flavours. Even if brunch is a tad early to be cracking open the hard stuff, you’ll still get the familiar juniper-based zing of gin.

Other flavours include the Dark and Stormy and the Old Fashioned. The Pished Fish offers something unique for all occasions – who ever said that smoked salmon was limited to brunch and Sundays?

Pished Fish is available to buy online or from various high end stockists around the country. You can even sign up online for a monthly subscription. That way, you’ll never need to risk running out and your dinner parties will be the talk of the town forever!