Snactivism: To snack and to act.

What do a bunch of ageing bananas, a few dozen ‘ugly’ apples and a punnet of fresh raspberries with only one slightly mouldy berry all have in common? Give up? OK, I’ll tell you – they are all deemed worthless and unsellable; unfit for human consumption. Friends and Snact founders, Ilana and Michael, know better, and they’re on a mission to prove it. Don’t worry – those rejected raspberries are destined to go on to great things!

Snact was started with the goal of putting a value on surplus food and an end to food waste. Shocked by the amount of fruit wasted at London’s wholesale markets, the innovative duo set about extending the shelf life of food, promoting ‘snactivism’ and making a dent in the global food waste challenge. The surplus fruit was indeed going to be sold at markets across Britain, but as newly transformed delicious fruit jerky.

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What is Fruit Jerky?

Fruit jerky is the tasty chewy result of an intermingling of fruits which have been blended, spread out and dried in a dehydrator for 8 hours. If you’ve ever tried beef jerky then this is its fruity equivalent. The snack is currently sold in three flavours: Apple, Blueberry and Banana, Apple and Raspberry and Apple and Mango. There are absolutely no preservatives, concentrates or added sugars; it is literally just 100% vegan and gluten free fruit, a fab healthy snack for adults and kids alike.

Snact has gone from strength to strength since its beginnings in 2013 and today more surplus fruit than ever is being saved. They now source some of their fruit directly from British farmers in Kent, who now have a buyer for their surplus when orders are cancelled or slightly blemished fruit gets rejected. What’s more, the packaging is now fully compostable, the first of its kind in the UK! Become a snactivist and make fruit jerky one of your 5 a day.

Find Snact products at and a number of outlets including Amazon and Ocado.