Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut

Nut butters are one of the most densely nutritious foods on the market. They’re routinely used to combat child malnutrition, as well as being a crucial element of many athletes’ training diets.

However, many of the nut butters you can pick up at the supermarket are loaded with nasties. First there’s palm oil, a saturated fat that causes habitat destruction, then climate change, and human rights abuses of indigenous populations in the rainforest habitats where it is harvested.

Ethical Nut Butters

Debate rages, even where palm oil is labelled ‘sustainable’. To get all the health benefits of nut butters without worrying about sacrificing the planet, it pays to go for an ethically-sourced, all-natural brand like Pip & Nut.

The Pip behind the nuts is Pippa Murray, a 28-year-old marathon runner. Pippa wanted a healthier, more sustainable way to fuel up for races. In 2014, she won a contest to live in a garden shed rent-free for three months, which allowed her to quit her job and save the funds she needed to grow her business. Three years later, her products are stocked in 2500 stores across the UK.

Pip & Nut currently offers ten varieties, from classic smooth peanut butter, to more unusual flavours like honey and cinnamon cashew butter as well as a version of every kid’s favourite combo, chocolate and hazelnut.

In place of the palm oil and refined sugar that’s packed into Nutella, Pip and Nut uses coconut oil and agave nectar. We’re stocking up while we can — chocolate and hazelnut is a limited edition flavour, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Pip and Nut are now also selling almond milk (without stabilisers or refined sugars). They’ve got your breakfast needs sorted!