Ooho: The Seaweed-Tech Startup Fighting the War on Plastic


Eliminating single-use plastics is an enormous task. Advances to date feel like a mere drop in the ocean.

Enter Ooho, an innovative packaging solution. The founders aim to deliver the convenience of on-the-go packaging, without the devastating environmental impact.

Ooho is the brainchild of London-based startup, Skipping Rocks Lab. Their seaweed-derived capsules biodegrade in less than six weeks, but are perfectly edible!

According to co-founder Pierre-Yves Paslier, the product is super renewable thanks to the speed at which the seaweed grows. It doesn’t compete for space with land-based food crops. It’s cheaper than plastic to process too, making Ooho a great all-rounder for sustainability.

Spreading the Sustainability Message

Since this genius packaging is 100% plant-based, it has a shelf-life of just a few days, so it can’t necessarily replace all plastics. But there are plenty of ways in which this clever plastic alternative can be used.

It was originally launched as an edible water capsule. It’s been used in place of plastic bottles at events like marathons and festivals. Ooho can be used for all sorts of drinks, and it’s already appeared at a pop-up event in Selfridges’ Foodhall. Customers there were able to try out Ooho-packaged juice shots.

The startup is thinking beyond drinks too. They’ve recently collaborated with food delivery giant Just Eat to run a six week trial of sauce sachets.

In its fourth year of development, the production and delivery method of Ooho capsules is still being finalised. But it’s great to see that some headway is being made, and that industry leaders are sitting up and taking notice!