Old Spike Roastery: Helping The Homeless One Coffee Cup at a Time

Old Spike Roastery

Old Spike Roastery is a London based social enterprise. They provide the finest speciality coffees whilst helping to end the UK’s homeless problem. Not only does this coffee company source, roast, and package their own products. They also provide employment, training, and housing support to help homeless people get back on their feet.

What’s so Special About Their Specialty Coffee?

Although Old Spike’s primary concern is helping the homeless, they certainly don’t compromise on the quality of their coffee. They source the finest beans from coffee farms in places such as Colombia, Rwanda and Papua New Guinea.

Beans are imported and roasted at Old Spike’s roastery in Peckham Rye. All their coffee is single origin and seasonal. It has passed many independent blind taste tests with flying colours and is so good that it’s stocked by many UK restaurants.

speciality coffee

A Company for the Community

Since opening their first coffee shop, Old Spike have become popular with the local community. And we can see why. They have collaborated with the House of St Barnabas in Soho and the charity Well Grounded. These collaborations allow them to provide long-term employment. As a consequence, they’ve also helped secure housing, a living wage, and a fresh start for the homeless.

Most recently Old Spike has partnered with London based Kolab Digital to improve the company’s website and enable all their products to be bought online. Regular deliveries of freshly roasted coffee beans without needing to think about it? Sounds good!

Power to the People (Over Profit)!

Old Spike Roastery was founded in 2015 by Londoners and long-term friends Richard Robinson and Cemal Ezel. The pair were eager to leave behind their corporate jobs and open a business that would bring positive change to London’s society.

Their first homeless employee was Lucy from Romania. Before meeting Richard and Cemal, Lucy spoke very little English. She sold the Big Issue and lived on the streets. Now we hear that Lucy’s life has changed enormously. Her English has vastly improved. She’s a fully trained Barista in full-time employment and is an essential member of the Old Spike Roastery team.

Show your support for this great work and grab your morning pick me up from Old Spike!