OddBox box

Inspired by some ugly yet delicious tomatoes from a street market in Portugal, OddBox is reducing the UK’s food waste one ‘odd box’ at a time.

You may already know of the concept of getting fruit and vegetables delivered to your door. Companies like Abel and Cole, Riverford and Ocado all offer them. It’s unlikely they have such odd looking apples or curious looking courgettes waiting to greet you inside. OddBox’s selection is quite the opposite; intentionally. Everything in the box is imperfect, because it’s meant to be! Not convinced? It’s also around 30% cheaper.

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Wonky on the Outside, Tasty on the Inside

The amount of fruit and vegetables wasted because they don’t meet aesthetic requirements is shameful. Much of the crops farmers grow aren’t being eaten simply because they’re misshapen or the wrong size or colour. Food that is still perfectly fresh and edible. Too much of it is often ploughed straight back into the ground, or used as animal feed.

OddBox is a social enterprise that is working to change all that with their freshly delivered boxes of ‘wonky’ looking fruit and veg. The food isn’t wasted, British farmers get paid for their entire crop and you get fresh fruit and veg at a cheaper rate than a conventional box. It’s a win win!

OddBox even donate their surplus produce to City Harvest and The People’s Fridge in Brixton who feed the homeless and people going hungry in London. Zero waste really is zero waste with these guys.

You can choose from a small, medium or large Home Box of fruit and veg, or just veg. Work Boxes are also delivered, providing London offices with fresh fruit for 10 employees for £14.99 per box per week. Delivery areas are being expanded so check out www.oddbox.co.uk to see if you could be receiving your very own ‘odd box’ very soon!

Give wonky fruit and veg a loving home! Get 25% off your first OddBox with our offer code FOODRUSH25.