Native Snacks: Popped Lotus Seeds That Give Back

native snacks

Trying to find delicious yet healthy snacks is surprisingly challenging. Trying to make sure you are mindful of where that food comes from and its impact on the environment is an even taller order.

Native Snacks is an exciting new offering from school friends Charlie and Darcy. During a trip to India, the pair were inspired to start uncovering unusual plant-based snacks. Their intention is to find tasty snacks from all over the world and bring them to our snack drawers.

The first in the range is an exciting array of flavoured popped lotus seeds. This interesting ingredient comes from a type of water lily called the lotus flower. The seeds of the lotus flower, which grows in India, are dried, popped and roasted. The result is a light, crunchy snack which is vegan and gluten-free.

These delicious snacks are flavoured with all natural flavourings. Choose from pink salt and black pepper, kaffir lime or a vegan-friendly cheese. Being all natural means they contain no nasties and provide an all-around healthy snack.

native snacks

Snacks With Added Support

As well as being nutritionally good, Native Snacks are also doing good too. For every pack of popped lotus seeds sold, they donate 1p to the Bihar Development Foundation UK. By supporting this foundation they give something back to the people who make the snacks in Bihar, one of the poorest regions in India.

Native are currently working towards achieving a Fair Trade standard for their fairly traded snacks. Proof, that foods can still be fairly traded, despite not carrying the Fairtrade mark.

You can pick up a pack of Native Popped Lotus Seeds in Sourced Market with other retail outlets to be announced soon. Check out the Native website to keep up to date.

Why not try something from this new and exciting brand? It’s different, it’s healthy, and it’s giving something back. Snacking with zero guilt!