Meet Caravan Coffee Roasters, They’re Giving Farming Communities a Voice

Caravan Coffee Roasters

When it comes to ethical trading, the Caravan Coffee Roasters are a wake up call to the UK’s coffee industry. This London-based business aims to provide the best tasting coffee by sourcing top quality beans from environmentally and socially sustainable plantations. You can buy these beans to use at home, or visit them in their London shops for a freshly brewed cup.

When these guys aren’t busy brewing coffee, they’re jumping across continents, visiting coffee producers and building relationships with local farmers.

The Caravan Coffee Roasters work with local organisations, such as the Kenyan Cooperative Society. These cooperatives allow coffee farmers to democratically elect their community representatives. Societies such as this one don’t just benefit from fair pay. They also have the right to choose who markets their beans.

Aside from Kenya, The Caravan Coffee Roasters also source from coffee bean farms in Rwanda, Colombia and Ethiopia. They seek the the best quality, ethical beans to serve up to coffee lovers in the UK.

Breaking the Mould

The journey of the beans is only half the story. Once they arrive in London, the Roasters take on the challenge of bringing out the individual life and flavour of each bean. And they serve more than the classic espresso, latte and americano. The Caravan Coffee Roasters offer speciality handmade coffees with seasonal coffee blends.

Their experimental approach to roasting and grinding gives their coffee a unique identity. If you buy their beans, they also have lots of advice on innovative brewing methods. These include:

  • The V-60, for lovers of drip coffee.
  • The Clever Coffee Dripper, for a smooth and full-bodied taste.
  • The Aeropress, a portable coffee brewer for a consistently full-bodied taste on the go.
  • The Chemex, an old table-top favourite for making filter coffee.
  • Cupping, a universal method for tasting coffee.

Coffee Break, Anyone?

The Caravan Coffee Roasters Share their HQ with their Kings Cross Restaurant. This sits inside a Grade II listed Victorian building, where the scent of roasting coffee fills the open plan space.

You can also catch these guys brewing up in their big black van in various London locations.

Why not treat yourself to some beans and a coffee kit to make delicious and ethical coffee at home? We’ve got an idea for the perfect accompanying treat, too!