Nuts About Fair Trade: Liberation Nuts

Liberation Nuts

One of our go-to healthy snacks is a handful of tasty, wholesome nuts. And they’re about to leave an even better taste in our mouths!

Liberation Nuts is the UK’s only Fairtrade and farmer-owned nut company. As well as selling their own brand of snacks, they also provide nuts for large supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The company was founded by the pioneering fair trade company, Twin (now taken over by Sustainable Harvest). Twin undertakes projects on behalf of Liberation Nuts, specifically with nut producers in Malawi.

Sharing the Load

One of the special things about Liberation Nuts is that the farmers are shareholders in the company. The farmers own 49% of the company, allowing them to play an active role across the supply chain.

All products sold or packaged by Liberation Nuts carries the Fairtrade mark. This means that the producers get paid a fair trade minimum for their nuts. They also earn a premium for every kilogram they sell.

This empowers farmers to earn an honest and decent living from their trade. It also allows them to invest in community projects such as building health care and education facilities.

Liberation Nuts

Feel Good, Delicious Snacks

The varied range of Liberation Nuts includes peanuts, mixed nuts, seeds and berries. They even have their own brand of peanut butter.

My particular favourites are the baked chilli and lime cashews with peanuts and roasted corn. It’s great to be able to enjoy a healthy snack whilst helping to support those who produced them.

Next time you reach for nuts, take a moment to think about the love and commitment that goes into them. Choosing those supported by a fair trade partnership helps support projects across the world. Doesn’t that taste good!