Kinda Co. – The Ultimate Vegan ‘Cheese’?

Kinda Co.

There’s a wide range of good quality vegan products now available. We can buy vegan alternatives to all kinds of meat and dairy products. Most are really good, but finding a cheese replacement that matches up to the real deal isn’t such an easy feat.

From plastic-y to slimy, to downright weird tasting, many retailers haven’t managed to get it right. We’re still searching for the holy grail of vegan cheese.

Until recently, most vegan ‘cheese’ was made from soya or coconut oil. But the move to using nuts (particularly cashews) has prompted several independents to up the vegan-cheese making game. This could mean plentiful plant-based cheese boards on the horizon!

Kinda Co. is one such startup aiming to bring tasty cheese substitutes to the market. It could mean that plant-based eaters no longer have to miss out. Based in London and run by Ellie Brown, Kinda Co. produces artisan products that are sold online. You’ll also find Kinda Co. at foodie markets across the country.

After a backlash from dairy companies, Kinda Co., formerly Kinda Cheese, is now cautious of using the word ‘cheese’ to describe its products. But savvy labelling solves the problem. It’s easy to tell what each product is intended to replicate. Ellie has used names like ‘Farmhouse’ and ‘Greek Style’ (the one I’m most excited to try — I think I miss feta the most).

Kinda Co. Cheese

Kinda Sorta Getting Noticed

The quality of the products made by Kinda Co. hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ellie recently secured £25,000 in investment, along with £10,000 worth of mentoring support. She was noticed after pitching her business at this year’s Bread & Jam Festival. Bread & Jam is a founder founders festival for food and drink startups hoping to get a foot in the door.

It will be interesting to see how Kinda Co. evolves from here, and whether the small batch products will make it onto supermarket shelves. Until then, head to the Kinda Co. website for a list of upcoming events and to browse their online store.