Doisy & Dam: Superfood Chocolate That’s Making the World a Better Place

Doisy & Dam

News just in: chocolate is good for you!

Whether or not you believe the hype about cocoa polyphenols, there’s no denying that a little bit of what you fancy does you good — especially if that little bit is all-natural and packed full of nutrients.

Ed Smith and Rich Wilkinson, founders of the London-based chocolatier Doisy & Dam, call this mindful kind of treating ‘healthy indulgence’. You may have seen similar phrases on the backs of granola bars or sugar-free puddings, but rest assured that Doisy & Dam brings the concept of healthy indulgence to a whole new level.

Nobel Prize Winning Chocolate?

As you probably noticed, Doisy & Dam has nothing to do with the founders’ names. The alliterative pair won the 1943 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering vitamin K. These are not your typical chocolatiers’ muses, but then Doisy & Dam is not a typical chocolatier.

Doisy & Dam choc

Like the venerable scientists, Smith and Wilkinson are primarily concerned with nutrition. Their chocolate bars are packed full of superfood goodies such as goji, quinoa, maca and even baobab. Despite all these embellishments, the real star is the cacao. Their dark chocolate contains a whopping 74% cacao, while their milk chocolate has 30-39%. This is considerably more than the 20-25% you’ll find in big-brand chocolate bars.

They’re right to be proud of their cocoa too. It’s all harvested according to strict ethical and environmental standards in Colombia, where Smith and Wilkinson plan to establish their own sustainable plantation. The non-cacao ingredients are held to equally high standards. Everything is organic, fairly sourced, and traceable. Even the packaging is FSC certified.

After all, Doisy & Dam is a certified B Corp, which means that they’ve pledged to structure their business around making the world a better place. Sounds to us like they’ve come pretty close to creating a truly guilt-free chocolate bar.