Developing Healthy Food Relationships with Ella’s Kitchen

Ella's Kitchen

If you want to bring your little one up as a vegetarian or vegan, you used to have to make all the food yourself at home. But these days it’s not complicated at all. There are plenty of products from baby food to baby lotion that make raising a mini vegan much easier.

It helps that a baby’s first foods are naturally vegan anyway. From fruit and vegetables to rice cereal, the soft purees they start with will usually be vegan. As long as they’re getting the balanced diet they need, animal products don’t have to be a part of it.

Veg for Victory

Like any busy mum or dad, we don’t always have time to create homemade baby foods from fresh ingredients. This is where Ella’s Kitchen comes in handy. They have a huge range of vegan and vegetarian baby food items, and every ingredient is 100% organic. There are delicious options for each and every step of the journey.

Ella’s Kitchen was founded by a loving father who wanted to give his kids nutritionally good, organic ingredients. The company’s mission has always been to improve children’s lives. They do this by encouraging a healthy relationship with food right from the start. Their Veg for Victory campaign calls for national guidelines on weaning to promote eating more veg.

From purple smoothie fruits to butternut squash, carrots, apples and prunes, there are loads of fun, tasty combinations to choose from. As well as the purees, there are also options of muesli and biscuits for more texture when your baby is ready. So no matter if you want your baby to be vegan or not, Ella’s Kitchen baby food is healthy, nutritious and delicious.