Dash Water

Dash Water

When Life Hands You Lemons… Dash Water Is Turning “Wonky” Fruit into Sparkling Water

What do you do when life hands you ugly lemons? Make a delicious, fizzy water beverage out of them, of course. Which is exactly what British “wonky” water brand Dash Water is doing with its line of fruit and vegetable infused sparkling water.

These all-natural, zero-calorie, zero-sugar beverages are made with British spring water, and are currently available in lemon and cucumber varieties. What goes into Dash water are raw ingredients deemed unfit for supermarket shelves. What comes out is a product that’s refreshing both for its taste, and its positive impact on the environment.

While we’re all guilty of tossing perfectly edible, albeit slightly misshapen food from time to time. All that wasted food really adds up. A report from the waste and recycling advisory body WRAP disclosed that in 2015 alone, UK households threw out 7.3 million tonnes of food. That’s £13 billion worth of food, or £470 per household, wasted in a year.

Dash Water founders, Jack Scott and Alex Wright, hope that their commitment to sustainably-sourced produce will go a small way towards reducing that mountain of food waste. They want to encourage people to stop throwing away their less-than-perfect (but still perfectly delicious) fruit and veg.

Packaged in stylish cans that will look just as great on your desk as at a picnic, you can grab a Dash now from Selfridges across the UK. The brand is set to expand to additional retailers, including Planet Organic and Daylesford, over the summer.

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