Cotchel: Delicious Apple Juice Made From Rescued Fruit


Have you ever wondered what happens to the fruit that’s the ‘wrong’ shape for the supermarket?

Or the fruit that’s slightly bruised meaning shoppers won’t buy it? The poor, lonely fruit; too big, too small, or just too ugly to be included in a bag?

A New Lease of Life

Often, these rejected fruits are wastefully thrown away. Add all the orchards in the UK together and tonnes of edible fruit is needlessly tossed away every year.

But one farm in Essex is turning the tide by transforming rejected and unloved apples and pears into flavoursome juices.

Pete Thompson is a man on a mission to reduce the amount of food that is wasted. Every piece of fruit produced on his family farm is turned into something delicious. After all, it’s not all about how the fruit looks, it’s also about how good it tastes!


Variety Is the Spice of Life

Cotchel offers up four amazing flavours of juice to choose from:

  • Topaz & Evelina is a classic blend of apples with a soft finish.
  • Braeburn is an apple juice for grown-ups; it has a slightly sharp taste making it ideal as a mixer.
  • Opal is a tasty large, golden apple. The juice is beautifully sweet with a slight lemony zing.
  • Braeburn & Pear is lovely and delicate with a hint of spice. It’s great for mulled drinks in winter, with or without the brandy.

Cotchel is a word used by market traders as slang for the odd bits left over at the end of the week. A very apt name for these drinks indeed!

Enjoy these delicious juices and help put an end to food waste with each sip.