Hummus for Dessert? Sustainably-Sourced Sweet and Savoury Dips

A picnic crowd pleaser and a healthy snack standby, hummus is always a favourite. ChicP founder, Hannah McCollum, has taken this one step further by creating a line of savoury and sweet hummus. Yes, sweet – like her banana, avocado, and cacao hummus. For traditionalists, there are savoury flavours that still pack a punch.  Think beetroot, horseradish and sage, or carrot, ginger and turmeric.

Winner of the “Best New Convenience Food” at the 2016 World Food Innovation Awards, ChicP hummus is made predominantly from raw vegetables grown by British farmers. Hannah scours local food markets for Grade 2 produce. She collects fruits and veggies deemed unfit for supermarket shelves – carrots that are the wrong shape or wrong colour, for example.

Surplus produce like this accounts for 40% of all British crops and is a leading contributor to the millions of tons of food wasted in the UK every year. Having worked as a private chef, Hannah witnessed just how much food ends up in the bin each night. She decided to combat some of this waste by collecting leftovers and turning them into dips or hummus for the following day. When her clients began asking ahead for her dips, she knew she had hit on something delicious.

If you’re not a pro chef like Hannah and you want to know how to incorporate some of the more adventurous flavours into your cooking, the ChicP blog is the place for inspiration, with recipes for mouthwatering salads, breakfast bowls, and even baked goods.

Get your hands on ChicP at Wholefoods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and other retailers throughout the UK. If you want to order in bulk for office catering and events, you can do so via the ChicP online shop.

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