Branched Crisps: Fuel for the World Changers

Branched Crisps

Supermarkets are stuffed with products that claim to be “guilt-free” for all manner of reasons. Very few however have the power to truly lighten your conscience. For a snack that does real good for both the world and your body, go for Branched Crisps.

Branched Crisps is the brainchild of a group of students from King’s College London with the help of Enactus, a non-profit organisation that invests in students’ social entrepreneurship projects. The students wanted to tackle a problem in their own neighbourhood. They zeroed in on New Covent Garden Market, the largest wholesale produce market in the country.

New Covent Garden supplies 40% of all fruit and veg that is eaten outside the home in London, i.e. in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. However not everything that passes through the market doors meets buyers’ strict cosmetic standards.

Branched Crisps rescues rejected produce that would otherwise be sent to the landfill, slices it thinly and bakes the slices to shattering crispness. The result is a delicious, waste-free snack that’s all-natural, packed full of fibre, and great for sneaking more fruit and veg into your family’s diets.

Food with a Social Cause

But the good doesn’t end there. Branched Crisps also helps refugees placed in London to gain a foothold in the city’s tough employment market. Refugees who join the company’s training programme earn a food hygiene certificate and gain experience in the food industry. They also get a local reference for any London jobs they might apply to in the future.

So go ahead and crack into another bag of those paprika-spiced apple crisps. You’re not just filling your belly — you’re also fulfilling someone’s dreams.