Belu – Making Bottled Water Acceptable

bottled water

Belu is a brand with a social conscience. They give 100% of their profits (over £3 million so far) to WaterAid. WaterAid is an organisation aiming to ensure that everyone across the world has access to clean water for drinking and bathing.

Their classy bottled water is popular in five-star hotels and among restaurateurs. They boast Rick Stein and Jamie Olivers as customers. Here’s where Belu also differ from other ethical producers, they aim to serve an industry, not an individual consumer.

They only produce mineral water in glass or recycled plastic bottles. Belu are an ‘environment first’ business that recognises that plastic bottles aren’t ideal. They don’t actively seek out businesses that want to buy water in plastic bottles. But Belu do offer a better solution to those wanting plastic rather than glass. Their plastic bottles are made using at least 50% recycled plastic, and they’re striving to increase this figure.

plastic-free bottled water

Stylish and Sustainable

At this point, you might think that Belu are like many other eco start-ups – ethical, but with one eye on profit. This isn’t so. Instead, Belu is a slick, polished operation that can never be profited from, even if sold. The company is an asset-locked social enterprise. This means that profits only ever go towards helping solve water poverty.

Going against the dominant systems of commerce means that Belu have created something truly remarkable – a for-profit company that takes no profits.

To many, the idea of bottled water – which arrives clean and safe to drink from British taps – is unnecessary. Belu themselves will always advocate tap water as the most sustainable.

Even if we abhor the very concept of bottled water, we still have to accept that in certain settings, such as a restaurant, people will order it. At least with an option like Belu on the menu, some of the damage created by the bottled water industry is gone.

Both their glass and recycled plastic bottles are 100% recyclable. Each one is made using UK sourced raw material, filled with British water and is manufactured here in the UK.

Aside from bottled water, Belu also offers the UK hospitality industry water filtration systems. This removes the need for single-use bottles altogether.

Belu’s tagline is “water with ethics”. We agree wholeheartedly, and we applaud them. The fact they’re a British company makes us prouder still.