BeeBee Wraps – A Cling Film Alternative That’s the Bee’s Knees

cling film alternatives - beeswax wrap

The world is slowly stepping into action and cracking down on single-use plastics. But this is only possible if we have realistic and sustainable plastic alternatives.

If you’re trying to go plastic free in your kitchen, you might be looking for an alternative to cling film. Although recyclable, mining for the bauxite which forms aluminium foil is creating its own environmental problems, making even that a questionable choice.

But help is at hand. We’ve found BeeBee Wraps. This independent brand is building a buzz around their range of cling film alternatives.

Why Ditch Cling Film?

Plastic food wrap is hugely destructive to the environment. Non-recyclable, it either ends up in landfill, leaking chemicals, or in the sea, killing wildlife. It’s also thought that the chemical used to make cling film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is harmful to humans. This chemical can seep into food, especially when cling film is heated such as in the microwave.

Although the health risks are debated scientifically, they are accepted by many. So why bother risking it when there’s a sustainable alternative readily available?

That’s a Wrap

BeeBee Wraps started out in Kath Austin’s kitchen. Kath decided something needed to be done to reduce single-use plastic products such as cling film. She discovered that some communities have used beeswax coated cotton to preserve food for centuries. This was enough to entice her to give this practice a modern twist.

BeeBee Wraps are completely biodegradable and sustainable. They’re made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. There was some initial trial and error with different waxed paper, sealants and oils, so the final product is a well tested design!

BeeBee Wraps

We can speak to the effectiveness of the wraps first hand. We love bread here at Eco & Beyond HQ and regularly bake in the kitchen. Homemade bread doesn’t contain all the nasty preservatives like the shop-bought stuff which often means that home baked loaves go off quite quickly.

Wrapped in a BeeBee Wrap our homemade sourdough ciabatta remained fresh and springy like day-fresh bread for over 5 days!

The wraps are also beautiful and feature gorgeous patterns. Even more reason to replace that cling film!

The Perfect Cling Film Alternative

The brand is also aiming for a circular economy and for zero waste in their production process. Any scrap fabric is turned into BeeBee Burners. These are slow-burning tea lights, and will be available on their website imminently.

BeeBee Wraps come in a three-pack of mixed sizes for £14 to £16. They’re completely reusable and can last up to 12 months with proper care. Wipe them down with a cloth and some cold water to clean the wraps between uses.

Every month or so you can refresh and repasturise the wraps by putting them in a 130oC oven on greaseproof paper for a couple of minutes.

Invest in some BeeBee Wraps and pass on plastic!