Mercato Metropolitano – An Urban Market With a Modern Twist

Mercato Metropolitano

Combine a free-spirited community of artists with local farmers and gourmet foodies, and what do you get? Urban market, Mercato Metropolitano. At the centre of the Borough Triangle in South East London, this converted warehouse offers 38,000 square feet of food and creativity. It’s entirely possible to taste your way around the world at this modern market!

There’s Spanish tapas from Abel and you can cool off with Italian gelato from Badiani. As you explore further you’ll find stalls offering Mexican quesadillas, Japanese gyoza, Argentinian chimichurri and Lebanese falafel.

Delectable dining is only part of the equation. Mercato Metropolitano also supports sustainable agriculture.

You’ll find urban aeroponics at the Rootlabs farmbus and there’s a mushroom garden that uses the coffee grounds from the market’s espresso bars. They’re proving that new approaches to farming can even work in the big city.


Sustainability at the Core

The sustainability mindset is seen throughout the market. There’s a focus on recycled materials, zero-waste operations and renewed urban spaces. The market also hosts talks and sharing workshops which encourage people to take more control over their food choices. Not sure how to grow your own veggies? Let Mercato Metropolitano teach you!

Although the market has a clear food-centric mission, there is so much more than tasty treats. Factory 45 is an experimental art studio on the second floor. You’ll also find a range of unusual film events at the Backyard Cinema. Regular live music and cultural events round off the Mercato experience. No matter which way you turn, there’s food and fun at your fingertips.

Mercato Metropolitano is open seven days a week. Opening hours are 8am until 11pm on weekdays and 11am to 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s working so well in London that the founders are looking to expand the market to other cities. Hopefully you’ll find a Mercato Metropolitano coming to a town near you soon!