Drink Sustainably at Tooting’s Zero-Waste Bar, Tap 13

Zero-Waste Bar

Many of us are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of single-use materials. We’re increasingly making lifestyle changes to minimise waste and do our bit for the planet.

Businesses are upping their sustainability game too. Initiatives such as the plastic straw ban and the promotion of reusable coffee cups are gaining widespread support.

Tap 13 is a newly launched pop-up bar nestled in Tooting Broadway Market. These guys are taking sustainability one step further. Not content with reducing and recycling waste, this innovative bar has done away with single-use materials altogether.

As one of London’s first zero-waste bars, their concept is already proving popular. So how do they manage it?

Kilner Jars

Eliminating Waste With Drinks on Tap

It’s actually pretty simple. Tap 13 offer a selection of craft beers, ciders, wines and even cocktails, which — as the name suggests — are served from 13 different taps.

Cocktails include Blood Orange Cosmo, a Rhubarb & Rose Spritz and an Espresso Martini. For the craft beer lovers there’s a choice of IPA’s, APA’s and lager in a range of strengths.

There’s no bottles, cans, plastics or corks. There’s no faffing around, Tom Cruise style, with cocktail shakers either. All the cocktails are premixed and also stored in kegs just like the beers and cider. Once empty, the drinks kegs are collected and refilled. Their system works so well that they don’t even need a bin.

Fancy bar snacks are available, stored in Kilner jars on the counter and served in reusable containers.

Takeaway bevvies are no problem either. The bar offers ‘growlers’ – reusable airtight glass bottles for the ultimate in alcohol transportation. (Just don’t open them on London’s public transport network, TFL don’t allow open bottles of booze.)

While guest beers make an appearance from time to time, and the cocktails change with the seasons, minimalism is a key concept at Tap 13. And, quite frankly, they’re nailing it!

For post-work drinks you can feel good about, head over to Tap 13 and raise a glass to the zero waste movement.