UK Garlic for International Garlic

UK garlic

Garlic is used in a vast amount of dishes and for many people. It’s often the most important ingredient in their kitchen.

Nearly all of the garlic stocked in UK supermarkets is imported from nearby countries like Spain and France.

Some comes from as far away as China, Argentina and Chile, depending on the season. So it might be a surprise to you that many varieties of garlic are well suited to the UK climate and can easily be grown here.

Although products from abroad may be cheaper, there is a higher carbon footprint from importing them, and not all countries have the high standards and regulations that UK farms are subject to.

If we can grow delicious, fresh garlic in Britain, why are consumers purchasing imported garlic that has travelled thousands of miles and is often lacking in taste?

UK garlic

Fresh Local UK Garlic

Isle of Wight garlic for example, has been grown for decades. You can find it in delis, food markets, farm shops, food halls, and specialist grocery stores all over the UK.

With big, juicy cloves that are longer lasting in your kitchen, Isle of Wight Garlic is available in a number of different varieties. There’s elephant, smoked and black garlic, all which are perfect for roasting, mincing and more.

You can also buy online from their website. Let us know if you’re brave enough to order the black garlic vodka…

South West garlic has been grown on the family farm for many years. They’ve won a host of Great Taste awards along the way.

It’s available to buy online seasonally or at farm shops, delis, butchers, wholesalers and specialist greengrocers across the nation.

Again, the UK garlic is available in different varieties such as black, elephant and scapes and there are also chutneys, wild garlic salt and even black garlic sugar on offer.

It may be easier to buy any old garlic from the supermarket, but once you try UK garlic you will most likely never want to use any other garlic again!