English Sparkling Wine for Champagne and Prosecco

English sparkling wine

While the UK remains one of the biggest markets for champagne and prosecco, British bubbly is beginning to compete on many levels.

Brits have always been great wine drinkers. Now with a new flourishing national industry we can now enjoy home-grown sparkling wine.

English sparkling wine beat champagne at a recent Paris blind tasting by a team of elite experts. Our sparkling wine is quickly making an impression on the global market.

English Sparkling Wine Is on the Rise

With an increasingly warm climate in the south and an abundance of chalk soils, (ideal for growing healthy grapevines,) the quality of English wine has improved massively. And so has its reputation.

As respect and demand for our native fizz soars, UK vineyards are planting more and more vines. We produce millions of bottles of wine every year.

You’ll find English sparkling wine available in the majority of supermarkets and off-licences. There’s a huge range of delicious English sparkling wines for you to buy and try out in place of your usual champagne, cava or prosecco.

Available at a range of different prices, ages, blends and tastes. You can go for a bright, fruity chardonnay, a classic cuvée with apple and elderflower undertones or a creamy, nutty blend.

A bottle of home-grown bubbles is perfect for a summer barbeque (when we have one). Enjoy during an evening with friends, a special occasion or a refreshing afternoon glass.

Even better, it can be more sustainable to drink local wines, as they haven’t been shipped across the continent to get to us. English sparkling wine is bound to impress, so make a space in your wine rack for it today.