British Chorizo for Spanish Chorizo

British chorizo

Virtually unheard of just a few years ago, chorizo has fast become a British staple and a much loved addition to most fridges. As a nation of sausage enthusiasts, it’s no surprise how popular this pork, garlic and smoked paprika concoction has become.

Originating from Spain, chorizo is highly seasoned, has a smoky taste and features a deep red colour. It lends a beautiful highlight to any dish. Some consumers still rather buy the Spanish imported chorizo as they think it’s more authentic. Others would rather know more precisely where their meat comes from.

British Chorizo

Luckily for us Brits, a number of British charcutiers have opened up shop in recent years. They’re producing high quality cured meats including chorizo. One of them is The Bath Pig Company, who make a fantastic British chorizo.

Unlike many Spanish varieties, which tend to be more industrial and fatty (though not always), The Bath Pig chorizo is made using free range pork with a perfect meat to fat ratio. They are experts in the age-old curing process and use traditional Spanish recipes.

Choose from original, garlic and herb, extra mature, spicy, chorizo snack coins and many other flavours and products. The Bath Pig Company’s chorizo is delicious and locally-made. It’s now available in many supermarkets, delis, and butchers, as well as online.