What Is Sustainable Living All About?

Sustainability is a hot topic right now. Do a quick search on Instagram for sustainability, and you’ll be faced with over 3 million hashtags alone.

But aside from it being trendy, what is it? What does it mean to be eating sustainably, or better yet, living sustainably?

The dictionary definition of sustainability is “the ability to be supported or upheld”. In environmental terms, this translates to “not being harmful, or depleting natural resources”. It thereby supports long-term ecological balance.

In a nutshell, this means reducing our impact on the world’s resources. It means not harming the environment and putting people and the planet ahead of everything else.

Living sustainably - countryside

Becoming More Sustainable at Home

Now we know what “sustainability” is all about, how do we put this knowledge into practice?

Learn more about environmental issues, and the impact of our choices. We have plenty of information and advice here at Eco & Beyond!

Small steps add up to equal big change. Our mission is to empower everyone on the planet to make one small change to start eating and living more sustainably. Of course, if you want to do more, you’ll fit right in around here!

Start small. Know what’s important to you. Make the change and try to stick to it. And remember, you can’t do everything right, all the time.

You don’t have to do everything. But you do have to do something.

Change one habit at a time and make mindful decisions that are better for the planet. These decisions don’t have to be huge. Avoiding travel by plane is commendable but is also a big ask of yourself. Especially if you work hard to enjoy a week or two in the sun.

Smaller changes all add up. You might decide to switch to shopping locally or opt for seasonal foods. Or you might switch to only buying organic produce, or eating less meat, fish and dairy.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your new eco-friendly choices. If you make it a chore, it will be harder to keep your new habit.

Enjoy discovering new things and sharing them with your friends (or in our community). Revel in your sustainability journey!

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Take Steps Towards Eating & Living More Sustainably

Connect with others who share your values. Get support and encouragement, swap ideas, share your frustrations and your wins. Small steps lead to massive impact.

Are Insects the Future?

They might make you wince but insects could very well be the future. Insects are eaten around the world and a tiny environmental impact compared to cattle. There’s a number of innovative brands coming to market in the UK creating snacks and protein-rich products made with insects.

If you’re squeamish, you don’t have to eat whole insects (although they are delicious!). Instead, you could try insect flours and protein powders, made from roasted, ground insects. They have a nutty flavour, without a wing, a leg or a crunchy body in sight.

Insects are sustainable as they don’t take much land, water or other resources to grow or harvest. They’re high in protein and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B12 and omega fatty acids. Most are also free from nasties such as additives, fillers, antibiotics and hormones.

Since the recent novel food act, they’re also completely legal and pass all UK food safety standards.

Farming and Fishing

Animal agriculture is one of the most destructive industries on the planet. It contributes to climate change, species extinction, deforestation and excess land and water use.   

The world’s insatiable appetite for meat and fish isn’t sustainable.

We simply cannot continue the way we currently consume animal products.

We’re all responsible for making changes to support the future of our food.

Sustainable eating and living - cows