KeepCup Glass Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups that are made to last. Each of the cup components are detachable and replaceable.

Replacement lids and bands can be ordered from KeepCup, thus reducing the energy and materials required for an entirely new KeepCup.

Available in a range of colours and sizes.

Hand wash cup with cork band on and air dry. Lid and plug are dishwasher safe on the top shelf.


  • Reusable, with replaceable components
  • Glass cups made from tempered soda lime glass that is durable, shock resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Cork bands made from natural, renewable and biodegradable cork that have been upcycled from the waste by-product of wine cork production in Portugal
  • Lids made from lightweight, durable BPA and BPS free plastic (which can be recycled where facilities exist)

KeepCup is an Australian owned company.

Cups are hand assembled in warehouses located in Melbourne, Los Angeles and London.

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