For Strange Women Perfume Oil Sampler

Cruelty Free Organic Plant-Based Vegan

A set of nine 0.5ml vials of fragrances. The fragrances are vegan, alcohol-free, and made with organic ingredients.

Scents included:

  • Crushed Violets: powdery, floral, velvety layers, dark green, woody
  • French Oakmoss: lichen, lavender, grounding herbs, green, moss
  • November: woods, forest floor, rain, tea, decomposing leaves
  • Winter Kitty: snow, comforting sweet musk, amber, woodsmoke
  • Decadence & Debauchery: tobacco, myrrh, rose, blood orange, amber
  • Fireside Story: sandalwood, vanilla, bonfire, dry branches, woodsmoke
  • Tarantula: blackberry, rose, osmanthus, lotus, earthy roots
  • Rain: sweet air, mushrooms, resinous, ozone, petrichor
  • Coyote: orange blossoms, patchouli, bay, woods, spices


  • Alcohol, phthalate and paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% Vegan


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