Ugly Fruit and Veg: The Fun Side of Food Waste

ugly fruit and veg

There’s not a day that goes by and there isn’t something in the mainstream media regarding the growing food waste issue.

From Hugh’s War on Waste to Jamie’s Food Revolution, and even Parliamentary discussions, everyone is talking about it.

It’s a growing issue that is finally starting to seep into global consciousness. We’ve reported on the topic and potential solutions previously and these were fairly serious pieces for an equally serious topic. However, if that type of reporting is a little too somber for you, there are other people in the space having a little more fun.

Celebrating Ugly Fruit and Veg

If you’re after a little giggle, check out @UglyFruitAndVeg on Twitter or @OddboxLDN on Facebook. These guys have a range of beautiful images celebrating distorted fruit and veg.

These are the veggies that don’t make it to the supermarket shelves. Other than looking a little unusual on the outside, there’s nothing wrong with this fruit and veg, they taste just the same on the inside.

Both Ugly Fruit and Veg and OddBox are campaigning to celebrate ugly produce.

WHY? Because globally we waste 20-40% of produce because it’s not perfect, meanwhile 800 million are hungry!

While the underlying message is very important the images show just how cute and fun imperfect fruit and vegetables can be.

Here are some of our favourite images from UglyFruitandVeg and OddBox. Hopefully these brighten your day as much as they did mine.

If you know of any other similar campaigns or solutions for ugly fruit and veg please let us know so that we can celebrate their work too.

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