The Bathroom Rip Out – Portugal Property Renovation – Episode 007

Having found the septic tank and gained a better understanding of the plumbing in our old Portuguese quinta, it was time to tackle relocating the rest of the plumbing.

The most important thing to get right from the beginning is the placement of the soil (toilet waste) pipe. This pipe is currently running right through the middle of what will become our kitchen dining room and needs to be moved. As soon as we move the soil pipe we’ll be without basic sanitation which makes working (and eventually living) a bit too uncomfortable.

So in this episode we embark on ripping out the old so we can start fitting the new. Ultimately this will involve:

  • Removing the toilet, bidet, basin and shower
  • Removing all the tiles from the walls
  • Removing all the concrete from the stone walls to allow them to breathe again
  • Removing two partition walls and any damaged wood trim
  • Investigating/fixing/replacing the window lintels

Once we’ve done that we’ll be in a position to:

  • Install new stud walls to create storage compartments
  • Install new plumbing
  • Replace the windows
  • Tank and tile the floor and shower area
  • Install new bathroom fittings and 2nd fix plumbing
  • Install lighting
  • Design and build cabinets
  • Paint and decorate

Of course all that is going to take a very long time and we won’t be doing any finishing work until all the messy work has been completed. So, let’s get cracking with the demolition! Cue some upbeat music and time lapse video…