That’s the Spirit: Greensand Ridge – a Unique, Sustainable Distillery

Greensand Ridge Distillery

I don’t know about you but the more I can enjoy the things I love, minus a side order of guilt, the better. We live in a time when more individuals and businesses are being mindful of how actions impact the environment.

Greensand Ridge Distillery is one such business. They make distilled spirits that are delicious whilst being friendly to the environment.

The Spirit of Sustainability: What Does it Look Like?

There is much talk of sustainability nowadays. For a product to be sustainable it must have the capability to be produced indefinitely. But it isn’t just about the product alone. Sustainability also lies in the way we gain access to the product, right through to how we consume it. This is with regards to environmental impact, but also the processes, practices and resources available.

We hear much about sustainability of our food. But we hear less about the beverage industry, which is why businesses such as Greensand Ridge are so important. They’re doing their utmost to viably maintain their unique products well into the future.

Greensand Ridge Distillery

Gin Responsibly: a Distillery with a Difference

Greensand Ridge Distillery produces spirits that are unique and individual. Their drinks are born out of an idea to take an energy intensive process such as distilling and turn it on its head. This micro-distillery is not only taking steps to be as sustainable as possible. Their mindful approach to distilling is also significantly reducing their ‘environmental footprint.’

Will Edge, founder and owner of Greensand Ridge, says sustainability should be a given. He says,

“Building a sustainable business reflects a belief that any business should be run sustainably by default. I started out by factoring that into all my decision making. But as I’ve been promoting our spirits there has been so much interest in this approach. It’s now become a recognised part of our brand. I want people to buy our spirits because they taste amazing and look beautiful. So it’s not immediately obvious from our bottles, but dig a bit deeper and it comes through strongly.”

The food industry is feeling increased pressure to adhere to more sustainable practices. So many businesses could learn a lot from the integrity of Greensand Ridge.

Will added,

“It’s a differentiator for us now but hopefully soon it won’t be. We’ve been awarded the only Master Medal by the Spirits Business for our work in Green Initiatives which is great recognition. This will help us achieve part of our mission – to influence consumer perceptions around sustainability when buying premium & luxury products.”

So What Does it Mean to Be a Sustainable Craft Distillery?

The inspiring team are striving to make a difference in a number of ways. They are cutting food waste by buying food from local farmers that would otherwise be wasted.

Greensand apples

A typical micro-distillery burns eight cubic metres of gas a day. Greensand Ridge deems this unacceptable and is taking measures to source their energy from Good Energy which is 100% renewable.

They use no chemicals in the distilling process. Instead they use methods such as high pressure air and hot water. One of the most impressive changes they make, is that they reuse 100% of their waste. Packaging, pallets and plastic are reused to ensure limited impact on the environment.

Gin with a Grin: How You Can Benefit Too

Producing sustainable spirits not only benefits the environment. It has an impact on us, too. Reducing the chemicals used in production has a positive knock on effect. Greensand Ridge encourage the public to partake in experiences at their premises in Kent. They can then see first hand the care taken in producing these exceptional spirits.

An exclusive tour of the distillery gives an intimate insight into the botanicals and other ingredients used. Gin fans will be happy to know that not only can you witness the process, but you also have the opportunity to distill your very own bottle of Greensand Ridge gin.

Greensand Ridge Experience

The Future is Ours

As consumers we have a choice, to think about what we buy and to be aware of how products came to be available to us. It’s important to consider the effect some products can have on our long term health and the future of our environment.

Will believes there will be more pressure for businesses to conform to these practices due to consumer buying power.

“I believe sustainable businesses will become more common. Primarily because consumers will demand it. I also believe strongly in the ‘polluter pays’ principle. I would like to see businesses being forced to pay for their negative externalities. That would immediately tip the scales in favour of green business in terms price point.”

Greensand Ridge helps us all gain more of an understanding of how these changes make a difference. And long may they continue to make a difference to the future of our planet.