Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts That Show How Much You Care

sustainable valentine's day gifts

Looking for sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts that say how much you love them but won’t harm the planet? Here’s your ultimate sustainable gift guide!

Valentine’s Day first became associated with the notion of romantic love in the 14th century. This was when the tradition of courtly love began to flourish and couples exchanged gifts as displays of their affection. 

Today, Valentine’s Day is not simply about romance. It has blossomed into a day to express appreciation for our most treasured people. Whether that be between romantic partners, best friends or family. 

It now celebrates the notions of comfort, care and love. So what better way to show appreciation for your loved one as well as the planet by choosing eco friendly Valentine’s Day gifts? Here’s our pick of the best sustainable gifts of love. 

sustainable valentine's day gifts

Planet Friendly Perfume

Perfume is usually a reliable and well received gift. It is, of course, ideal to choose a fragrance that you know your loved one likes! Especially so if you’re veering away from buying the scents widely available on the high street that might not fit your eco vibe. 

But what if you’re unable to do a bit of sleuthing before Valentine’s Day to pin-point a specific perfume? A perfume sampler with a gift certificate for a full bottle of their choice could be the answer. 

Ravenscourt Apothecary make 100% vegan perfumes made from a fractionated coconut oil base. They’re also free from alcohol, ideal if your beau has sensitive skin. 

Each of their perfume sampler sets contains four small vials packaged in a beautiful box. Their Women’s Fragrance Sampler contains samples of botanical fragrances. With names such as Alice, Jane Eyre and Anne of Avonlea they’re bound to suit any dreamy romantic soul. 

They also produce a Tea Fragrance Sampler with four small vials of tea-based scents. This box contains Vanilla Rooibos, Green Tea, Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong. 

If you’d prefer a wider variety of unique scents, try this perfume oil sampler set from For Strange Women. It includes nine perfume oils in mini vials. They’re all hand blended and vegan friendly, with no synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Pampering Your Beau and the Planet 

Another foolproof gift is one of pampering and relaxation. Many of us love taking the opportunity to take a long, indulgent soak in the bath. So sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts are a winner here. 

This bath gift set from Aphrodite Natural Spa is the perfect pamper present. It includes soap, bath salts, a facial towel, exfoliating jute mitt and a candle. It’s also vegan friendly. 

You can even choose the scent of the soap, salts and candle to suit your loved one’s taste. Plus, you can add extras such as shampoo, and it’s all completely plastic free, organic and handmade.   

For a smaller gift set, this Moments of Mine Gift Set from Alice and Peg Gifts is a lovely alternative. The products are all handmade and organic, and all sets are shipped in eco friendly packaging. They’re all also free from colourants, chemicals, parabens and animal products. Making them ideal as an eco friendly Valentine’s Day gift.  

This particular gift set includes Himalayan bath salts, seaweed soap, a soap dish, shower puff, tealight candles, tea and a greeting card. What an awesome rest and relaxation kit!

Pyjamas and Undies 

On the same theme of relaxation and comfort, pyjamas make a thoughtful and sustainable Valentine’s Day gift. 

This linen pyjama set from LGLinen is made from organic linen, a natural, breathable and temperature regulating fabric. They can also be monogrammed with a single initial on the pocket adding a personalised touch. Available in a wide range of colours, you can also choose between and a medium or heavier weight linen. 

Linen does become increasingly softer with every wash. But if you’re looking for a more delicate fabric then look no further than this silk pyjama set from LelaSilk. They’re made from 100% natural silk and come in a range of colours. 

A comfy set of sleep shorts are another eco friendly Valentine’s Day gift. These boxer briefs from Object Apparel are made from super soft organic cotton. The fabric is dyed and printed using eco friendly water based dyes. 

All of their garments are screen printed with their original artwork by hand. Making these boxer briefs a unique and a sustainable gift.

If you’re looking for something with a loose fit, this linen boxers gift set from BlackFicus is great. The set includes three boxer shorts – you can choose a set of white, beige or black or one of all three – and a sleeping mask. All are handmade of high quality Oeko-Tex certified 100% European linen fabric.

Shaving that Doesn’t Cost the Earth 

This shaving kit from Maison Lambert contains everything for a traditional wet shave. It includes shaving soap, oil, a wooden shaving bowl, a long handled razor, ten blades and a shaving brush. The brush can also be personalised with two or three initials. 

These products are all scented with pure essential oils and are alcohol free. This handcrafted set comes packaged in a wooden cigar box that can be reused afterwards. 

Should your loved one already own a razor, brush and bowl then check out this shaving kit from Meadowlark Botanicals. It includes a bar of shea butter soap, moisturising shaving cream and a post shave mist. 

You’re free to choose the essential oil scent or have them unscented. They’re all organic and free from animal products and artificial preservatives and dyes. 

If you’re buying for someone with facial hair, this beard grooming kit from Monster & Son will help keep things lush. 

The handmade kit includes a boar bristle brush, beard comb, barber shears and beard oil. It’s all then packaged up in a canvas travel pouch. The tools are all high quality and the products are made with organic ingredients.

Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts of Chocolate 

Hurrah to the most traditional of Valentine’s Day gifts: chocolate! Much of the chocolate we eat has questionable ethics. But with ethical chocolate aplenty elsewhere, sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts are possible. 

Divine produces fair trade chocolate which is free from gluten, palm oil, wheat and soya. 

You and your beau can certainly indulge with this 20 Bar Tasting Hamper. Or you can go for their Valentine’s themed chocolate which are shaped into hearts. They come in 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate strawberry varieties. 

For a twist on the traditional, go for these delicious chocolate salted pretzel bites.

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts: Say it With Flowers 

Flowers are another Valentine’s favourite. But unfortunately, much of the cut flower industry has a negative impact on the people who work at the flower farms and on the environment. 

For an eco friendly Valentine’s Day gift of flowers, why not choose a longer lasting option? Botanical art, such as this watercolor print or this paper flower is a lovely alternative.

If you’re still keen on traditional flowers, consider Organic Blooms or Ginger & Flynn. Both use organically and ethically grown flowers from sustainable, local British farms. They have a lower environmental impact than the imported cut flowers in most florists.

Family Friendly Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts 

For a more interactive gift, that would be fun for children as well, this cookie kit is a fantastic idea. Not only is it a nice gift to an individual but also to a family. 

This kit includes a dozen cookies, four icing bags and four varieties of sprinkles. If you’d rather bake your own cookies, then you can use these vegan sprinkles and assemble your own kit.

You can also use Valentine’s Day to gently push people towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What better way to remind someone that they’re adored and appreciated than a canvas bag printed with the face of the ones who love us the most: our dogs. 

These personalised canvas totes can be printed with a pre-drawn image of the dog’s breed. (There are many colour variations available.) Or you can upload a picture to make sure the image is exact, along with a personalised message.

Giving the Ultimate Gift of Time

If none of the gift ideas above inspire you, never fear! Perhaps you’d prefer some quality time together or an evening of sustainable Valentine’s dining

An entire day in each other’s company is bound to make anyone feel appreciated. Hiking, working in the garden together, visiting a new art show, going to an amusement park. Think creatively of things to do in your local area. Traditional or unique, the choice is yours! 

This can, of course, be followed up with dinner. Or, if the fare at a fancy restaurant isn’t your thing then, make it a romantic night in at home. Remember to pick up some snacks, sweet or savoury (and throw in a Valentine’s themed one), burrow under a blanket, and Netflix and Chill.

Eating and living more sustainably doesn’t have to mean throwing your morals aside. Whatever you do on this day of romance, enjoy making it as planet friendly as possible!