Starting a No Dig Veg Garden in Portugal – Episode 005

One of the reasons we wanted to move to Portugal was so we’d have plenty of space – and a great climate – to grow our own food.

We’ve experimented with growing veg in our tiny back garden in London. But now with an area of over 200m2 to cultivate, our Portuguese homestead garden will be on another level!

Getting started with our no dig veg garden was high on the priority list despite all the other work we have to do on the farm – both inside and out.

In this video we clear the land (without disturbing the soil!) and prep our first no dig beds using a combination of cardboard and compost as mulch. We also prepare an area where our next beds will be so we can kick-start the process of smothering out the weeds and building soil life and organic material below the surface.

This is the first of many videos of gardening in Portugal so stick around for more in due course…!