The Plant-Based Burger with the Beefy Taste

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Those seeking a plant-based alternative to their favourite burger have been largely unimpressed by the products that have come to market. These alternatives, while excellent as plant-based products go, have just not compared to the experience of tucking into a juicy burger.

For those who delight in their burger, there has certainly been no incentive to switch. Impossible Foods is here to change all of that with the Impossible Burger. A burger that delivers a taste and experience formulated to impress even the most diehard beef-eater.

The Perfect Customer

Impossible Foods exists for one purpose: to create foods that are good for people and for the planet.

Strange as it seems, this company is not going after customers who are seeking plant-based alternatives to animal products. They are out to impress customers who choose to eat meat because it’s delicious, has nutritional value, and is a regular part of their diet.

Impossible Foods founder, Patrick Brown, wants to call these consumers his customers because he is out to combat global climate change by reducing or eliminating the middleman – the beef currently used to transfer the nutrition they gain from plants to humans.

Brown knows that to win customers who are happy with their current beef burger, the taste, aroma, and experience of the Impossible Burger must match or exceed that of a traditional burger, and do so at the same price.

The Perfect Burger

Impossible Foods has broken the burger experience down to its molecular level.

Using plant-based proteins and fats, they created a product that was missing just one thing. That one thing? The juice that makes a burger a burger.

By introducing increased amounts of heme into the mix, they were able to perfect their burger before bringing it to market.

IF Half Burger Half

Nothing – from the heme to the potato protein or the wheat – is artificial in an Impossible Burger. Neither is there cholesterol, gluten, or nuts of any kind.

Still, these are not the claims that lead consumers to the burger.

They are coming to see if it’s true that they can have a beef-burger experience with a plant-based product.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Even world-class chefs like Dominique Crenn, 2 -star Michelin chef who has been named best female chef in the world, have tasted the burger and are impressed with the flavour and potential.

How Did They Do It?

Just how did Impossible Foods create a burger that eliminates the need for beef and the load beef puts on the environment through deforestation, methane emissions due to digestion, and a host of ancillary problems that contribute in a major way to climate change and depletion of natural resources?

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