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Here at Eco & Beyond we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting products, stories and food and drink startups. Over the last couple of months we’ve run into a handful of drink companies that tickled our fancy in some way or other. Thankfully not all of them were alcoholic – we’d hate to give you the wrong impression… although, maybe it’s too late for that. But hey, it’s summer. Let’s live a little.

Black Cow Vodka, Made From Milk

Vodka made from milk might sound strange but trust me, this spirit is so smooth and tastes great. It’s best served over ice and accompanied by chunks of Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar, which incidentally also tastes great.

Black Cow vodka, the world’s first and only pure milk vodka, is made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows from West Dorset in south west England. Not only is it a new twist on the classic spirit, it’s made from the whey left over from the cheese making process. The milk is fermented and distilled before going through a secret blending and filtration process. The result is a wonderfully smooth vodka; worth taking your time over.

Black Cow is stocked in a variety of locations including the Black Cow website, Amazon and a host of other online providers.

The Pickle House Pickle Juice

If you’re a lover of whisky you may have heard of the tradition of the pickleback. If you’re not familiar with the term (no, it’s nothing to do with terrible rock music), it’s the practice of knocking back a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle juice.

This trend has its roots in NYC and has now migrated across the Atlantic and is popping up in bars all over London.

The Pickle House have created their own craft pickle juice which – as much as it sounds a bit odd – is absolutely delicious. They also have a Bloody Mary mix for those who can’t handle it straight (as you might expect, it’s a bit vinegary as a result of pickling all those veggies). Both drinks are fantastic: refreshing and strangely sweet.

Sparkling Coconut Water Cocktail

If you thought that coconut cocktails were just for beach holidays we might have something that will change your mind. Coconut Lovo is a pre-mixed coconut vodka cocktail that you can enjoy at home, without feeling guilty. Perfect.

LOVO is “where delicious ingredients love vodka.” Coconut LOVO is a blend of pure Thai coconut water and premium vodka, with less than 1% natural sugar. It’s subtle, great tasting, low in sugar and ready to drink. There’s also no artificial colours and flavours making it a delicious cocktail but with zero guilt. Keep an eye on the Lovo website for availability.