Sketchup Plans for our Circular Deck, Solar Shed and Temporary Accommodation – Episode 011

This house renovation is a big project and we can’t wait until it’s finished to move in. We’ve cooked up a plan for some temporary accommodation that will enable us to live on site before the house is finished.

But we need to arrange more than just shelter. We need somewhere to cook, somewhere to store our food, somewhere to wash dishes – and ourselves – and of course some bathroom facilities, ideally with hot water.

We also need a more permanent (and more powerful) solar PV system and batteries so we can run all the electrical equipment we need as well as our bigger tools.

So, in this video we’ll walk through the plan and show you a bunch of drawings we’ve done on SketchUp so you can get a sense of what’s going on. We’ll also show you some of the process of clearing the area that will be home to our new temporary home.