Upping the Steaks: Which Organic Meat Delivery Box Makes the Cut?

organic meat delivery

Addicted to meat but concerned about the planet? Get locally sourced meat delivered to your door with our guide to the best organic meat delivery boxes.

For a long time, the dietary focus was on what our food is doing to our bodies, (remember Gillian McKeith’s You Are What You Eat?). More recently, the conversation on the impact of our food, in particular animal agriculture, has shifted.

Now it isn’t just our health that’s at stake, but the health of the entire planet. 

Looking for better quality, more sustainable meat? Or for a way to simplify meals and to take the stress out of shopping? This overview of 9 different meat delivery boxes breaks down what each box offers and will help you choose the best one for you and your family.

Less, and Better: Organic Meat Delivery to the Rescue

Veganism can seem like a lifestyle change too far (especially when faced with your mum’s homemade chicken curry). But eating less meat, fish and dairy can be achievable. 

More of us are adopting a flexitarian approach, whereby we eat less, better quality, more sustainable meat. As a result, organic meat delivery boxes have become a popular way of making mealtimes more eco friendly.

These boxes simplify meals and take the stress out of shopping. Plus, research suggests that eating organic meat could help combat antibiotic resistance

You may have seen the recent headlines declaring that switching to a 100% organic farming system would raise carbon emissions. The argument being that lower yields mean higher imports from abroad. 

grass fed cattle

But the study assumed that we would continue to consume meat at the current rate. An assumption Rob Percival at the Soil Association thinks is “fundamentally flawed”. 

Speaking to the New Scientist he said: “The study assumes no change in diet, which is clearly untenable. Dietary change will benefit the public’s health and free up land. Making an organic scenario entirely feasible.” 

If you’re still on the fence over organic, perhaps an organic grass fed meat delivery box can convince you? 

Here’s our guide to the best organic meat delivery schemes. We investigate which ones deliver high welfare standards without compromising on taste.

The Best Organic Meat Delivery Box for Chefs Short on Time


Want delicious home cooked meals with minimal effort? Choose a Quick & Easy Meat Box from Riverford. 

Everything in this organic meat delivery box is designed for speed cooking. Expect recipes based around frying, grilling or griddling. 

Boxes contain five different organic cuts. The contents vary but can include meats such as beef rump steaks, lamb chops and diced chicken leg. More than enough to feed a hungry couple or small family throughout the week!

Riverford has also won awards for high animal welfare from the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming. Riverford also write about what life is like for the cows, pigs and chickens who spend their days on their small scale farms. 

small scale farming

The Best Box for Traceability

Field & Flower 

Somerset based Field & Flower only works with independent British farmers. They assess each one to make sure they do more than tick the boxes when it comes to their free range livestock. 

These boxes include anything from sustainably sourced salmon, to teriyaki marinated beef skewers. If something doesn’t take your fancy, you can always switch the contents. 

You also have control over which day you get your box of meaty delights and how often you’d like it delivered. 

While not certified organic, Field & Flower say they go beyond the criteria in some ways. They say, “A cattle’s diet for example need only be 60% grass and 40% feed (processed grains etc)”.

Our cattle are fed grass and forage through their entire lives. Which not only adds to the exceptional animal welfare that we ensure. It also adds to the brilliant taste of our beef. And the health benefits that come with eating grass fed produce.

With the choice of cuts, flexibility around ordering and transparency over the meat’s origins, this box is a winner.

The Best for Health Conscious Couples

Coombe Farm Organic 

Don’t fancy going out but want to treat yourselves without overindulging? 

The Lean and Clean for Couples Box is your answer. With eight varieties of meat to tuck into you’ll never be stumped on date night again. Think turkey and apricot burgers, beef mince and fillet steak.

If you’re switching from supermarket meat to an organic grass fed delivery box, you’re bound to notice an intensity of flavour. The farmers say this is down to their emphasis on slow growth and a natural grass diet. 

grass fed cattle

The Best for Al Fresco Dining


When BBQ season hits, don’t rush to the meat section of the supermarket. Instead check out Farmdrop’s Pasture for Life Family BBQ Box. London residents can get three types of ready-to-charcoal steaks and burgers. 

This organic meat delivery box is sourced from Luke Hasell’s native breed of North and South Devon cows. You’ll also be pleased to hear Hasell’s offerings are 100% organic, 100% pasture fed and 100% tasty.

The Best for Tight Budgets 

Abel & Cole

An organic grass fed meat delivery box is never going to be a budget option. But the Marvellous Meat Box from Abel & Cole sits at the lower end of the price scale. 

We think it represents good value for money as you get a changing trio of organically reared meat. Plus, it can all be traced back to Devon’s green pastures. 

Abel & Cole guarantees three days of freshness. But you could always freeze what you don’t eat to minimise waste. This box would suit those who are dining solo. And at £17.50, it might actually work out cheaper than its supermarket/butcher counterpart.

organic meat delivery - perfect for the bbq

The Best for Organic Curious Cooks

Eversfield Organic

How often have you served up a meal you can confidently announce is grass fed, free range and organic? It’s something you could get used to if you sign up to a box from Eversfield Organic. 

If you’re still wondering whether organic meat is worth splashing out on, you could try their sample box. You can munch through lamb shoulder, rib eye steaks and pork sausages before committing to a subscription. 

With solid welfare standards and full on flavours, the hard part will be deciding which organic grass fed meat delivery box to choose. 

Eversfield’s range encompasses everything from keto friendly to quick cook boxes. There’s also boxes dedicated to lean meat, slow cooking and three different types of BBQ ready box.

The Best for Adventurous Foodies

Primal Meats

Primal Meat’s founder was alerted to the way animals are treated for cheap food while working on a battery farm at the age of 14. So you can be sure there’s not a caged hen in sight on the farms that supply Primal. 

Plus, Primal is Pasture for Life certified and its meat is 100% grass fed. The percentage is crucial here, as the farmers say a grass fed diet produces a healthier animal and more nutrient rich meat

The Only the Best box is a good option if you’re a regular meat eater who doesn’t mind splashing out on 100% organic cuts. 

If you’re feeling plucky, take a peek at one of the non-subscription meat options from Primal Meat. Here you’ll find offal, wild game and surprise boxes. Great if you want to mix things up in the kitchen and you can think on your feet when it comes to recipe ideas. 

Going with one of these boxes also means you’re doing your bit to tackle food waste in the agricultural industry.

organic meat delivery

The Best for Butcher Quality

Donald Russell 

Need help with protein packed meal planning? Donald Russell are the online version of your friendly local butchers. 

For a variety of grass fed, free range cuts from Scotland’s premier meat merchants, choose the Traditional Butchers Selection

Again, this one doesn’t hold the organic certification. But they’re committed to traditional rearing methods and local sourcing. 

Choosing grass fed over grain fed isn’t just about improved taste, Donald Russell say it’s good for our planet too. “Feeding livestock on grass, hay and silage rather than grain reduces our carbon footprint.”

The Best for Treating Yourself


Cooking for one needn’t be a sad affair, thanks to the Cook for One Meat Box from Farmison. Expect high quality heritage meats, from dry aged fillet steak to treacle cured bacon. 

Although Farmison isn’t organic, they’re committed to slow growing, ethically reared livestock. They only administer antibiotics where necessary too. Only “where veterinary intervention is required for the welfare of the animal.” 

All their beef is grass fed and not given antibiotics as a preventative measure like many farmers do. 

meat meal

Hooked on Meat?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with eating meat. But eating and living sustainably means making more conscious choices of the meat we do eat. 

Choosing the most environmentally friendly meat is key. Eating less meat of a better quality will help you reduce your impact on the planet.

Could choosing an organic meat delivery box help? We think so! 

Looking for better quality, more sustainable meat? Or for a way to simplify meals and to take the stress out of shopping? This overview of 9 different meat delivery boxes breaks down what each box offers and will help you choose the best one for you and your family.

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