Too Much Surplus Fruit For London Food Waste Startups

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Spare Snacks, a UK food waste startup, have recently launched a healthy apple juice and apple crisps made from surplus fruit. The young startup wants to tackle food waste head on by working directly with farms to turn surplus apples into tasty air-dried crisps and cold-pressed juice.

In the UK, where 15 million tonnes of food are binned every year, and over a million people rely on food banks, Spare Snacks see no reason for fruit to be left hanging.

The team at Spare Snacks work with a small network of farms in Kent and are regularly offered more surplus apples than they are able to utilise. They’re passionate about supporting small farms that are struggling to cope with surplus produce and always offer them a fair price for their fruit which would otherwise have gone to waste.


The surplus fruit used to make the apple crisps and juice arrives at Spare Snacks’ door for a variety of reasons – a bumper crop due to good weather, less demand from the major distributors and sellers, or undersized and misshapen fruit.

While Spare Snacks are currently focusing only on apples, due to the excessive surplus volumes in the UK, they willingly connect producers of other fruit varieties with people who can help.

A spokesperson from Spare Snacks commented, “Healthy eating is such a huge trend currently but more and more people are now looking at the environmental impact of their eating habits. We like to think of Spare Snacks as ‘Goodness redefined’ as our products are not only all natural and healthy, but also have a minimal environmental impact and will hopefully help to shift our attitudes toward food waste”.

If you’d like to support the work Spare Snacks are doing, you can buy direct from their online shop or pick up at one of their stockists.