Meet Make Kit: Affordable Meat-Free Meal Kits That Fund Social Good

Meat-Free Meal Kits

Keeping your family well fed is a never-ending task and with the rising price of food it’s even more of a challenge. It’s all too easy to grab a cheap pizza. Or load the online trolley with processed convenience food when we’re busy. But being pressed for time and cash doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy food.

Make Kit have stepped up to the plate with their meat-free recipe kits. These meat-free meal kits are low-cost, time-saving and inspirational.

Who Are Make Kit?

Justine Fish and Stephen Wilson founded Make Kit with the hope of making a difference to families in food poverty. Justine’s background is in management consultancy, but her real passion lies in food and the community.

So she brought her skills together to launch this healthy eating, community-based initiative. Co-founder Stephen is Head of Food. Stephen is a passionate chef and vegan cookery teacher. They make for a great team.

Hackney-based Make Kit was born out of NHS research. This research found that meal kits were a way to encourage healthy eating by saving time and providing cooking knowledge.


Is Healthy Eating on a Low Budget Even Possible?

Yes. Healthy eating is simple if you know how to cook – and that’s where the problem lies. Convenience foods are usually unhealthy, full of fats, sugars and salt. But they are quick and simple. Who has time to prep vegetables and think of new meals every day?

Plus, cookery lessons are no longer routinely taught in schools. So with parents always busy or on very low incomes, how do families learn to eat well or afford what they need?

It’s all very well the NHS telling us to eat more fruit and vegetables but the problem lies in how to achieve this. A growing number of people, particularly in deprived areas, just don’t know how to cook healthy meals and don’t think they can afford to.

To combat these issues Make Kit sell and deliver pre-measured, healthy, low-cost and easy-to-cook meat-free meal kits. They provide the majority of fresh and dry ingredients so all you need are the basics such as oil, salt and pepper.

Their meals are plant-based and full of whole food ingredients. They are free from additives and artificial ingredients and contain less saturated fat, salt and sugar. Each kit includes at least two of your five a day.

How to Order Make Kit’s Meat-Free Recipe Kits

You can set up a weekly plan online and choose the recipes you like the most. Then on Tuesdays, Make Kit deliver your ingredients and recipes straight to your door in chilled bags.

Delivery is UK wide. If you prefer, they also have a London based collection point so you can pop by and collect your food for the week. This is a great, environmentally friendly initiative that saves on your carbon output.

How Is Make Kit Making a Difference?

There are plenty of companies that deliver a meal kit to your door. Make Kit stand out by doing something special – they help the families most in need.

Each meal you order helps subsidise a meal for families in food poverty. Those who don’t have enough to eat can then order Make Kit’s meals at an even lower rate.

Make Kit also run London-based cooking classes in schools, youth clubs and children’s centres for families in need. They use these classes to pass on their healthy plant-based knowledge to help tackle rising childhood obesity as well as food poverty. Participants can order subsidised meal kits for a month afterwards.

Other people in need of the service are identified by Make Kit’s community partners. If you want to take part, sign up for a cookery class.

Sweet Potato

What Is Food Poverty?

Malnutrition is something we see on the news in war-torn and famine struck countries. But it’s on our doorstep too. Lots of families in Britain live on the ‘breadline’ – or beneath it.

The Trussell Trust runs a valuable food bank network. They provide emergency three day food supplies to people who need it. Between April 2017 and March 2018 they gave out 1,332,952 food bags. 484,026 of these supplies went to children, a 13% increase on the previous year.

That’s nearly half a million children in the UK without enough to eat. It’s a shocking statistic and that’s why initiatives like Make Kit are so important.

By making their recipe kits affordable and selling them in community centres and youth clubs, Make Kit have identified a grass-roots way to tackle health inequality and hunger.

They’re reaching out on a practical level and making the government’s medical advice a reality for those that can’t afford to eat well or simply don’t know how.

Make Kit Also Support the Environment

The pressure on our planet to produce yet more cheap meat, milk, eggs and cheese is taking its toll. The goliath meat and dairy industry has a huge environmental impact – shockingly, more so than the transport industry.

Plant-based meals are a big step forward in reducing carbon emissions. Plus, it promotes compassion towards farmed animals. Eating more fruits and vegetables or going plant-based really does help save the planet.

Make Kit also have great recycling policies that support our war on plastics. They aim for zero waste, compostable, recycled and recyclable containers.

How Make Kit Can Help You Eat Well on a Budget

We’re all so busy. Fitting in healthy meal planning is tricky unless you love cooking and have plenty of spare time. If you don’t, Make Kit can help you out.

They’ll provide your dinner every day. You’ll have no worries about getting enough nutrients. You won’t have to think up new and exciting recipe ideas either. It’ll help you budget and keep your costs down too. Pre-measured recipe kits mean you won’t overbuy food at the supermarket or load up on unhealthy foods.

Eating healthy plant-based meals doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re time and cash pressed. Initiatives like Make Kit support you and the environment and help you give back to others in need. Eating less of the bad stuff improves your health and your purse too, so these meal kits are a win all round.