Finding the Perfect Food Subscription Box: Tasty Grub and Good for the Planet

Food subscription box

Are you trying to sync your eating habits to the seasons? Maybe you’re desperate to shrink your plastic footprint?

Perhaps you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to get your ten a day? Either way, there’s a food subscription box made for you. 

Knowing which one to go for can be tricky though. Especially when there are dietary requirements, allergies and environmental factors to consider. 

You’ll find colourful plant based plans and carefully measured meal kits. Organic only options and carbon neutral deliveries. They’re all out there.

I’ve discovered a heap of food subscription boxes that mean you can avoid the weekly supermarket shop. They open the door to a world of meal times where variety, flavour and nutrition take centre stage.

Are you looking to sync your eating habits to the seasons? Maybe you would like to lessen the amount of food waste in your home or find quality, organic ingredients? Or maybe you are looking for delicious, sustainable ready-made meals? Whatever your need, we have rounded up the best food subscription boxes. Peruse our list to find which one works best for you!

The Best for Plant-Based Goodness

If you love scrubbing, dicing and baking your own veggies, choose a veg box. Wholesome boxes of greens from Riverford or Abel & Cole are ideal, especially if you eat a vegan or plant based diet.

All of their farmers and growers are environmentally and socially responsible. 

Both Abel & Cole and Riverford deliver organic farm to door produce. But we think Riverford has the edge given their plastic policy. 

If you’re on the carbon neutral path, you’ll be pleased to hear both Abel & Cole and Riverford refuse to use air freight as a method of transport.

Both also offer boxes containing only UK grown produce for seasonal eaters. Plus, you can always switch things up with a recipe kit if you ever hit the mid week cooking slump.

Following a plant based diet or all about that organic grub? Take a look at our guides to the best vegan food delivery options and organic vegetables online.

food subscription box for plant-based

The Best Ready-to-Eat Food Subscription Box

Not everyone has the time or patience for all that peeling. If you’re nodding in agreement, consider a pre-prepared meal kit. 

Vegan ready meals from allPlants strike the balance between nutrition and flavour.

Mindful Chef and Balance tailor their meals to diet conscious omnivores. 

Mindful Chef Recipe Box

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All three deliver minimal prep meals without the eye watering calorie count of your usual takeaway.

food subscription box - with all ingredients

The Best for Food Waste Warriors

Forever cooking more than you can eat? Reducing food waste at home can be a big ask. 

With Hello Fresh or Gousto, there’s no need to worry about getting your portion sizes right as they’ve done the hard work for you. 

Gousto Recipe Box

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Plus, with dozens of recipes to choose from, there’s no chance of getting food fatigue. Or adding to the food waste problem

HelloFresh Recipe Box

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Or, if you’ve got a full fridge and are not sure how to get the most out of it, Simply Cook could simplify things for you.

They send out four pre-measured recipe kits (which include seasonings and sauces) in a handy letterbox sized package. The big benefit is you won’t end up with a cupboard full of stale spices and half empty condiments. 

Simply Cook Recipe Kit

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If you’d like to stop food waste at source, you might prefer a wonky veg box from Oddbox. Or, for the budget conscious food waste hero, we recommend the £3.50 wonky veg box from Morrisons.

reducing food waste

The Best for Plastic-Phobes

If you’re trying to create a low waste household, the last place you want plastic is in your food subscription box. Plans for a plastic free kitchen will only be scuppered if you’re surrounded by sachets of sauce and plastic pots of seasoning. 

If you’re in a pickle over plastic, avoid meal kits as ingredients are often individually wrapped. 

Instead, look for companies who offer plastic free options. The Organic Delivery Company has a decent plastic free range. And Farmdrop offer a plastic free delivery option (which is ticked by default). 

Alternatively, choose a scheme which offers to take back the plastic and recycle it for you, such as with Riverford veg boxes. 

food delivery without plastic

The Best for Snack Fiends

Snacks lose their appeal if you throw food allergies or dietary requirements into the mix. 

Fortunately, you can now get a food subscription box entirely dedicated to nibbles. Whatever your preference or intolerance!

Primal Snack Box deals in desk ready treats that cater to a paleo, vegan, gluten and dairy free diet.

Or, Graze has options for those who are looking for protein heavy or calorie light snacking.

Depending on your snacking habits, these boxes offer a cost effective and healthy way to snack, that saves you money and a trip to the shops.

organic snack boxes

The Best for Ethically Sourced Cupboard Staples

When making the switch to organic or sustainably sourced foods, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the price difference. Ethical foods are usually, though not always, more expensive. 

That’s where the Good Club comes in. It’s a subscription service that allows you to buy your organic faves in bulk at a discount. 

This comes in handy if you’re forever running out of oat milk, organic tinned tomatoes or anything else you shell out for on a regular basis. 

Plus, for extra eco points, the company uses a 100% carbon neutral delivery service. Make sure you have enough storage space for your purchases before you start browsing!

organic vegetables delivery

The Best Food Subscription Box for Serious Foodies

Adventurous foodies who want to feast on gourmet plates without the gourmet prices don’t have to miss out. Consider a speciality box from the likes of Pasta Evangelists or Fish for Thought

The former ensures you’ll never serve up a bland pasta dish again (hello parmesan sprinkled red wine ragu). The latter delivers sustainably caught seafood and chef made sauces through your letterbox. 

The fact that you don’t have to go shopping means you can spend more time sprucing up for date night.

fish in a box

Letting Food Subscription Box Services Do the Hard Work 

Perhaps you don’t have much time for cooking or you struggle for inspiration? Meal kits could be the answer. 

Having a family, working long hours or enjoying an exciting social life can all get in the way of meal planning. 

So let a food subscription service make things easier for you. Find one that ticks all your boxes and enjoy discovering tasty new recipes. Most come with neat, wipe clean recipe cards too. Meaning that you can recreate each recipe yourself if you wish. 

Either way, enjoy your new found culinary freedom!

Are you looking to sync your eating habits to the seasons? Maybe you would like to lessen the amount of food waste in your home or find quality, organic ingredients? Or maybe you are looking for delicious, sustainable ready-made meals? Whatever your need, we have rounded up the best food subscription boxes. Peruse our list to find which one works best for you!

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