Flux, the App to Help You Become a Hydroponic Wizz

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Have you ever seen hydroponics and thought to yourself “that looks great, I wish I was able to do that at home”? Before you ask, no, I’m not talking about growing “special herbs”! Very soon, at home, hydroponics will be super simple with the help of a new system of smart devices.

Israeli startup, Flux, are on a mission to ensure everyone can become a hydroponic wizz in their own homes. Flux have developed a device and app, called Eddy, that work together to make growing food at home easier. The system analyses the plant’s’ environment and gives feedback and instructions on how best to manage the produce.

Flux believe they are “setting the stage for self-driving gardens and farms. So you’ll get the world’s smartest food”.

The Eddy systems, while being super easy to use at home, also offers a range of benefits to would-be-gardeners:

  • Ability to grow your food locally, like right on your doorstep, all year round
  • Saving on time and money by removing any middlemen
  • Ability to control and manage the produce remotely
  • Growing a wide range of diverse produce to your own taste and requirements
  • Sharing your successes and learnings with a community of like-minded people

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Place the small plastic computing device in the centre of any soil-less garden and it will use its sensors to analyse the lighting, humidity and other environmental factors. All this data is sent to the cloud where it’s processed to provide instant feedback via the Flux app, letting you know exactly what you need to do to get optimal produce. Welcome to the Internet of Farming!

If you live near other Eddy users you’ll also be able to use the app to connect to a network of food gardeners nearby. This community can be used to share tips and experience relevant to your particular environment.

The team at Flux want to build “a future where we can be part of the solution –– to improve the way we humans connect to each other and the planet that sustains us. Imagine a path for you to grow the world’s tastiest and freshest food, anywhere, any season, so that every root you grow today builds a better future for all of us”.

This is very much a Future of Food that we can all be part of.