Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts: Being Kind to Mum and the Planet

Eco friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect eco friendly Mother’s Day gift for the mother figure in your life? Look no further, this list of gifts will have you wishing you were buying for yourself!

When we think of all the women in our lives who care for us, the people who come to mind are not just our mothers, grandmothers and aunts. It’s also older cousins and sisters, friends and colleagues.

All these women have bandaged our knees, reminded us to take our gloves, made us cups of tea, listened to our problems and given us advice. Yet there’s only one official day to show them all how much we love and appreciate them!

Well, luckily, we can choose to show them our love throughout the year. But for their special day, we can show a little extra.

So we’ve collated a few unique and eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts to give you a hand. On their own or alongside brunch, they’re perfect for earth mothers everywhere.

Looking for some thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day? We've compiled a guide of unique presents (some of them can even be personalized!) that are also eco friendly! Perfect for showing mum, grandma, aunts, friends - all the amazing women in your life how much you love and appreciate them!

Candles to Brighten Any Day 

Candles are a fantastic gift for any occasion. Their aromatherapy properties are capable of both lifting our mood and relaxing us. And, with scent being the sense tied strongest to memory, they can help us reminisce.

Bundle that together with the warm glow they cast and it’s no wonder they make such popular gifts.

The only thing that could make this fantastic gift better is to make it eco friendly! Unchained Bride has done just that with their range of candles handmade in Yorkshire.

Their candles are vegan friendly, plastic free and made with natural soy wax and paper wicks. They come in three different sizes and a whole range of scents.

Looking for something with a longer burn that is still eco friendly? Try these beeswax candles from Five Bees Yard.

They’re handmade using beeswax from their own ecological apiary in Hertfordshire and have a paper wick. Also, since beeswax burns at a much higher temperature than other waxes, it produces less soot.

Luxurious Hand Creams

Hand creams are a staple of all the women I know. We keep them in our cars, handbags, office drawers, kitchens, bathrooms, garden sheds, bedside cabinets and so the list goes on!

My mother always has about six at one time in various locations. So why not give the women in your life a new (or extra!) hand cream? If she loves eating and living sustainably, even better to go for an eco option.

This Hand Cream Duo Gift Set from Cosy Cottage Soap is a wonderful eco friendly Mother’s Day gift. They’re handmade, 100% natural and plastic, additive and palm oil free.

The set comes with two 30ml jars. You can choose your two fragrances from Sweet Orange, Geranium, Lavender and Hemp & Patchouli.

Sometimes we need something a bit more nourishing than a cream. Or we might find the texture of creams a bit too filmy. If so, then a hand balm would be a better option.

Good Health Studio creates hand balms that are 100% organic and hand blended. They come in either a 50g jar or a super portable 10g tin and target specific concerns.

For example, their Calm Balm is formulated to help relieve stress. While their Fuzzy Head Balm helps to relieve headaches.

Notebooks to Calm a Busy Mind 

Daily journaling, collecting random thoughts, reminders, creative writing, plotting out future travel plans.

Either way, a notebook is always great to have to hand. Instead of gifting the women in your life just any notebook – make it a unique and sustainable one.

This set of two handmade notebooks by Claire T Illustration makes a wonderful gift. They contain 32 pages each, are the perfect portable size (A6) and are handmade from recycled paper.

For a notebook with a special touch, try these personalised creations by Blues Tiggy. She handmakes notebooks in A6 or A5 sizes, plus thicker sketchbooks.

All her notebooks are made from thick recycled paper, and the covers are a heavy cotton paper made from cotton waste.

Michaela, the creator, expertly hand stitches the notebooks together. Then she paints them and adds a personalised typewritten message on the cover.

Indulgent Scarves

Scarves make a lovely eco friendly Mother’s Day gift while sprucing up and injecting a bit of fun and colour into any outfit.

Fast fashion produces a significant amount of waste and contributes to environmental harm. So one solution is to buy upcycled pieces, like these gorgeous scarves from Craft Mad Claire.

They’re made from old saris – thereby giving them a second life and reducing clothing waste. She has made so many lovely scarves in an array of patterns and colours – good luck choosing one!

If the mother figure in your life prefers something more heavyweight then these velour scarves from Jez Designs are perfect. They’re made from organic cotton velour. Perfect as this can be recycled at the end of its life and doesn’t shed tiny plastic fibres when washed.

Quality Time and Kindness 

Maybe your mother’s love language is quality time or acts of service? In that case, we have you covered too!

This lovely hamper from Cartwright and Butler makes a wonderful gift. Immediately upon gifting it, take those special women in your life out to a Mother’s Day picnic!

The hamper’s contents are extensive. Think cheese, fudge, biscuits, lemon curd, fruit jellies, dark chocolate gingers, crackers, coffee and Earl Grey tea.

All you need is a picnic basket, a flask of hot water and a blanket to either lay on a table or on the grass.

Something I have also found to be well received is a day of complete relaxation.

Sending your mother to a spa for the day is certainly a nice gesture. But the relaxation of a spa can quickly evaporate when you have to travel through traffic to get home.

The solution? Gift her some organic bath bombs or bubble bars. Make her a cuppa, set up a few candles around the bath and put on a playlist of calming music. While she has a soak, carry out her usual chores and prepare her favourite meal! 

The Ultimate in Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts 

If you have trouble deciding what to get her or what to do for her then you can, of course, mix a bit of everything.

Choose a material gift, some quality time and an act of service. Everything you can possibly do to show appreciation to the women who already love you forever.

Looking for some thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day? We've compiled a guide of unique presents (some of them can even be personalized!) that are also eco friendly! Perfect for showing mum, grandma, aunts, friends - all the amazing women in your life how much you love and appreciate them!

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