Eco friendly Easter Gifts and Gear for a Fun and Cheerful Holiday

eco friendly Easter

Looking for eco friendly Easter gifts and decor that are unique and good to the planet? We’ve got you covered, read on for eco friendly items that will lend to a joyful Easter!

Easter, with it’s pastels and florals, is a light and cheery holiday. To many people it represents the official end of winter and the start of Spring.

Being witness to the return of the leaves and the blooming of flowers really encourages us to reflect on our everyday practices and how they affect the world around us. Which hopefully inspires many to adopt a more conscientious lifestyle.

In order to assist you in living your life in a more eco friendly manner we have put together this quick list of items, for yourself or to be gifted to friends and family, that are great sustainable alternatives to some Easter classics.

Looking for eco friendly Easter gifts and gear? Look no further! We've put together a quick list of sustainable versions of Easter staples: chocolate eggs, eco friendly egg dying techniques and supplies, baskets and more! Click through to discover ways to make your Spring holiday as environmentally friendly as possible.

Responsibly Delicious Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs are one of the most iconic items for this holiday. Their popularity lies in their versatility: they can be given as gifts, put into children’s goodie baskets and used in egg hunting.

However many of the “traditional” brands that produce chocolate eggs are not organic or fair trade and use palm oil. Luckily, there are now eco friendly options now widely available!

Cocoa Loco makes delicious large eggs and mini bite sized eggs that are palm oil free, fair trade, and organic! The packaging that is made of recycled materials and is recyclable. They also come in both traditional and creative flavour varieties such as dark chocolate and crystallised ginger.

If you are Vegan and looking for a dairy-free option, Montezuma is a wonderful choice. Their smooth chocolate eggs (with buttons inside!) are not only delicious but are dairy, palm oil and gluten free. The packaging is also 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

Divine also makes dairy free chocolate eggs that make vibrant gifts. Their eggs are also organic, palm oil and gluten free and come in mouth-watering chocolate concoctions, such as dark chocolate and pink Himalayan sea salt.

If you are interested in more dairy free options check out our comprehensive guide of vegan chocolate Easter eggs here!

Eco Friendly and Inspired Egg Decorating

The preclude to the hunt, egg decorating is one of the group activities that adults and children both take enjoyment in.

Not only is it a fun and a means of creative expression but it is one of the easiest holiday crafts to prepare for. All you need is eggs and food dye – both of which are easily available in your local organic grocer.

You can also make your own non-toxic sustainable food dye from foods you have at home. Red cabbage for purple, turmeric for yellow, beets for red and pink, blueberries for blue and grape juice for lavender.

If you want something different then try silk dying the eggs. Ribbons and Silk offers packs of recycled silk squares cut from old saris in various patterns and colours. Making this is an easy eco friendly way to create vibrant and intricately patterned eggs.

An alternative to those non-sustainable plastic fill-able eggs are these lovely wooden fill-able ones made by Marina. This set includes five plain wooden eggs with four smaller eggs inside each. 

Not only can they be decorated but they can be reused (and repainted) each year. Making them eco friendly and a lovely keepsake!

Ethical Egg Hunting Gear for a Most Important Task

The most anticipated Easter event for many children (and some adults) is the egg hunt. And the only gear really necessary, truth be told, is a basket.

The most eco friendly and sustainable option is to use the same basket year after year. Therefore it makes sense to invest in a well made one that will stand the test of time.

Ruth, who runs Loved by Jacob, makes these lovely linen baskets that feature a Peter Rabbit design and can be personalized – the cute bunny ears on the basket are a wonderful touch!

Should a more traditional wicker basket appeal to you then this option from Fred & Robin is a great choice.

This sturdy basket is made from responsibly sourced Buff Willow and also comes with a tab made of Birch that can be personalized.

Sustainable Spring Decor that Brings Cheer

Making additions or adjustments to the decor around your home is a fantastic way to usher in any holiday or season. Not only does it improve your mood but it also lengthens the enjoyment of everyone in the household.

Trading heavy fabrics and deep colors of winter for the florals and pastels of Spring make it an especially mood-brightening season to decorate for.

If you have Spring and Easter specific decor already then reusing that is the most sustainable option. You can also easily make items using scrap pieces of pastel coloured fabric or ribbons and fresh flowers.

The flowers can come from your own yard or from places like Organic Blooms or Ginger and Flynn. Both of which use organically and ethically grown flowers from sustainable, local British farms.

Should your friends, or you and your family, participate in the tradition of decorating Easter Trees then the following ornaments make great gifts or additions to your own collection.

Holly, of Holly Emily Designs, handcrafts these cute bunny shaped from clay. They can also be personalized with a message or a name. 

These cheery egg shaped ornaments by Clare, of Little Conkers, come in a set of three and in multiple Spring appropriate colours.

Clare hand-crochets each one from organic cotton and fills them with 100% natural British sheep wool. 

If you are looking for something that more closely resembles an actual egg but with a special twist then these wooden egg ornaments handmade by Anna fit the bill!

Painted in lovely pastel shades and lightly speckled with a deep metallic bronze colour they come in a set of five and would look lovely on any Easter Tree.

Revel in the Spring and Sustainability

One of the best attributes of Easter is that it is a holiday mostly spent outdoors. With its picnics, egg decorating and egg hunting it truly allows us to enjoy the Spring.

Luckily, with many sustainable options on the market and a little creativity, it is also easy to have an eco friendly Easter. So we can enjoy nature while keeping it’s health and care in mind.

Looking for eco friendly Easter gifts and gear? Look no further! We've put together a quick list of sustainable versions of Easter staples: chocolate eggs, eco friendly egg dying techniques and supplies, baskets and more! Click through to discover ways to make your Spring holiday as environmentally friendly as possible.

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