Drink Beer and Help Save Our Marine Life


When you think about beer, you probably think about pals and pints. I’m willing to bet that fish aren’t high on your beer association list.

But the Saltwater Brewery in Florida are aiming to change that. These guys are serious about beer and serious about the environment. They’re specifically serious about packaging and the devastating effects it has on the planet.

Saltwater beer

Edible 6-Pack Rings

The plastic that holds a six pack of beer together is one of our deadliest inventions when it comes to marine life. The rings often end up in our rivers, streams, seas and oceans. They get caught around birds, seals, dolphins, turtles and many other sea creatures.

If they don’t get caught around an animal they get mistaken for food and eaten by fish and larger sea mammals. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of seabirds have ingested plastic.

The team at Saltwater Brewery wanted to put a stop to this. So they partnered up with advertising house We Believers to invent something that could hold a six pack together, and be friendly to sea life.

They eventually came up with a genius product: six-pack rings that biodegrade within three months. They’re also edible, and feed animals rather than kill them.

They were first made from seaweed but these early prototypes weren’t particularly sturdy. So after a few experiments, the team settled on making them from wheat and barley.

This video explains why this innovative product is exactly what our planet needs:

Not only did these guys come up with a product that solves the plastic issue. They made the ring pulls from a by-product of their beer brewing process!

Lovers of Beer, Lovers of The Ocean

Saltwater Brewery love beer. Which is to be expected since they’ve started their own craft brewery. But more than beer they also love the ocean.

Based in Florida they’re lucky enough to have some of the best beaches and waterways in the world nearby. They’re dedicated to protecting their environment as it’s so key to their lifestyle.

Saltwater Brewery give some of their proceeds to charities that support and look after the oceans and waterways. Supporters of CCA, Surfrider, Ocean Foundation and MOTE, these brewers take their environmental support seriously.

One small brewery have taken the time and imagination to reinvent a product that has such an impact on our oceans. So surely the big breweries can do the same?

The hard work to invent edible beer rings is done. Now that they’re in production, larger breweries simply need to adopt the new product into their own processing plants. Whether they care enough to actually do it is a different matter…

Do you care about beer and sea life? If so, share this article to spread the word. Soon we may all be able to enjoy a can of craft beer from an edible six-pack ring.

For a great snack to eat alongside your Saltwater Brewery beer, check out ReGrained. They make cereal bars out of leftover beer grains. A match made in a beery heaven!


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