Meat Free Burgers: Can I Still Get My Meaty Fix Without the Meat?

Meat Free Burgers

Here’s a look at some of the newest, and most innovative, meat free burgers on the market.

In the past, choosing to follow a plant-based diet often meant being confined to the sides section of a menu. You’d ‘enjoy’ a bowl of fries, whilst your meat-eating pals sat back and devoured a tasty and varied meal.

You’d probably struggle to find much in the way of pre-packaged items in the supermarket too. Falafel and soya-based sausages have been the closest thing to a meat substitute for many years.

Now though, as the number of people adopting a plant-based diet is rapidly increasing, there are a wide range of meat alternatives available. Vegans and veggies rejoice, you no longer have to put up with meagre offerings or feel like the odd one out!

Meat Free Burger Brands Well Worth Checking Out

As supermarkets and food outlets compete to pull in the meat free crowd, investment into product development has grown.

At the same time, burgers, meaty or otherwise, are no longer only found in fast food joints. More restaurants are adding gourmet burgers and burger ‘experiences’ to their menus too.

As a result, meat free burgers are increasingly looking, feeling and tasting more like the ‘real’ thing.

So, what’s available? Will you have to pay a fortune for an insipid, meatless burger? Or could they be so good that you never look back?

Here’s some of our favourites.

Vegan Burgers

Byron’s Beetnik Burger

Upscale burger joint Byron — which has restaurants in major cities across the UK — has upped it’s meat free offering. Most notably with the addition of the vegan ‘Beetnik’ burger.

The Beetnik is a beetroot falafel patty. It’s served with pickled red onions, avocado, kale, tomato, red pepper ketchup and a zesty slaw. It costs £8 and is available for eating in and taking away.

Beyond Burger

LA-based meat substitute producers Beyond Meat have received lots of publicity in recent
months, thanks to their newly-launched product – the Beyond Burger.

The Beyond Burger is soy, gluten, and GMO-free, and is primarily derived from pea protein. It’s designed to appear like a meat burger, even down to the colour change during the cooking process. It’s received great feedback in the States so far, so much so that UK-based brands also want in.

This year, Beyond Meat signed a deal with supermarket giant Tesco. The Beyond Burger was supposed to appear in stores in August, but due to higher-than-expected demand, that’s been delayed. Keep your eyes peeled though, let’s hope it will arrive soon!

If you can’t wait to try it, the King’s Cross branch of Honest Burgers is now offering the Beyond Burger on its menu for £11.

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The Moving Mountains B12 Burger

Another option is the B12 Burger from Moving Mountains. As well as soy and wheat proteins, they’ve added mushrooms for extra flavour. They’ve also used coconut oil to mimic the fat present in a beef burger.

Again, beetroot has been added to provide the pink colour. Also as the name suggests, the patty has been fortified with B12. This is a vitamin that non-meat eaters are at risk of becoming deficient in.

At the moment, they’re only selling the meat free burger in restaurants. But there are already plenty of locations to choose from across the UK.

Sgaia’s Mheat Burger

Sgaia is a food manufacturer based in Glasgow. They specialise in vegan meat substitutes, or ‘mheats’ as they call them.

You can buy their products online, and they offer shipping across the whole of Europe. Their mheat burgers cost £2.90 each, and home delivery is free when you spend over £50 (although that’s quite a lot of burgers!).

These meat free burgers are also available in many health food shops across the UK. If you’re looking to eat in, they’re also found on the menu in some food outlets including Club Mexicana in London.

Vegetable Burgers

Iceland’s No Bull Vegan Burger

If you want to keep things cheap but delicious, then head to an Iceland store. Iceland have developed an exclusive vegan burger that ‘bleeds’ beetroot extract, and has the appearance of a beef burger.

The product has received rave reviews and at £2 for a pack of two, you can’t go wrong! They’ve also recently added a jalapeno version of the No Bull Burger, plus vegan sausages and a ‘chicken’ burger.

The Future of Meat Free Burgers and ‘Meats’

To keep up with trends, retailers are beginning to cater to meat free diets with far more variety and creativity.

It’s no longer a chore to find tasty meat alternatives that appeal to vegans, veggies and meat lovers.

Meat substitutes are sprouting up all the time, and meat free burgers have taken the market by storm.

Whether you want to stock up your freezer or find a vegan-friendly burger joint, you now have plenty of options. The meat free movement is in full swing!

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